About 40% of Solana’s validators are down

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2023-01-24 19:08:43

And blocked all activity of 1,000 validators Solana running on this company.

Approximately 40% of the validators of the Solana network and 20% of the total stake of the Solana blockchain are already active on Hetzner.

About 20% of coins staking on Solana were affected and did not receive rewards. However, this does not stop the Solana blockchain from working. Because other validators continue to burden the network.

The solution proposed by the Solana management is to encourage validators to move their operations to other cloud storage providers that are more Crypto-friendly.

While the affected nodes have largely returned to work. But it still raises the big question that the majority of Solana validators still depend on centralized companies like Hetzner, Equinix, and AWS for their storage needs. And they can turn it off at any time! Not only Solana, but other major projects in Crypto also have a similar situation.

Earlier in August, the company Hetzner also banned Ethereum nodes from operating on their servers.

Percentage of Ethereum Nodes running on centralized cloud services.

After the ban with Solana. Validators of other blockchains include Cardano and Cosmos. Started looking for new service providers out of fear of a similar ban.

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