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2022-04-01 23:11:19

What is Gravis Finance?

Gravis Finance is a DeFi ecosystem, focusing mainly on NFT, including many features such as: Multi-Chain DEX, Cross-Chain bridge, High Yield Auto-farming and NFT Gamification…. The Gravis Finance ecosystem consists of simple, user-friendly and easy-to-use products so that investors can participate in daily profits in the DeFi market, using the most transparent mechanisms built on the platform. Blockchain platform.

Gravis Finance promises to become a sustainable GAMIFIED DEFI ecosystem to help investors increase TVL, APY, hunt for GRVS tokens easily with outstanding features such as:

Games Evervoid

Evervoid is a P2E game belonging to the Gravis Finance ecosystem, a game that simulates the future universe where the characters Captain (Captains), First Mate (companion) use their spaceships (Starships) to explore and Mining asteroids, while fighting to win the wars across the universe. The game has unique graphics, impressive techniques and extremely lively sound.

How to join

Gravis Finance tokens

GRVS is the main governance token of Gravis Finance with a total supply of 150 million tokens. Tokens This allows owners to participate in the governance decisions of the Gravis ecosystem. In the Evervoid game, players can use GRVS to buy premium items. In the future, the GRVS token will play an important role in the products that the Gravis ecosystem develops. When earning the GRVS token, players can take the token to farm or staking to increase profits.

GRVX is the main currency token in the game unlimited offers starting at $0.001. Players can collect GRVX through the game and then use GRVX to play the game, buy equipment or loot. In addition, GRVX will have many other applications in the game as well as in other Gravis projects such as Gravis Farming, Gravis Autofarming, Planck Hub cross-chain Bridge, etc.

Detailed information about the GRVS . token

Polygon: 0xb7997fC52dC629ecAf3a72Bcd37c2Fd3a098692f

BSC: 0x5FAD7F8281863DcFcdd93438088b858b5cF30430

Roadmap and Tokenomics (See details in the picture)

IDO and INO event information

IDO period: January 2022
🚀Listing: Updating
📍 IDO Platform: Updating
💰 IDO Price: 1 $GRVS = $0.4
💰Market capitalization: $960K
🕣 Vesting: 0-20% bonus unlocking within 10 days after the public sale ends, then Gravity Farming Speed ​​1-1.2%/day
💰 Number of tokens in circulation: 2.4M $GRVS
💰 Total Supply: 150M $GRVS

Public sales INO Date: January 2022
There are 5 pools to buy NFT and guaranteed allocation of GRVS tokens.
🔰 Maximum participation per wallet: 10000 USDT
🔰 Minimum participation on one wallet: 500 USDT.

✅ Reached 25 referrals in Evervoid Gravis’ referral program
✅ Lock 2 500 000 GRVX for 3 months with a special contract
✅ Get NFT First Mate (1 quantity each) in your wallet
✅ Be among the first 20 (all times) to be on the Evervoid Leaderboard before Public Sales start

🔥 In addition, you can fill out the form (https://forms.gle/ABDRoyFUYpUjy3dW8) for a chance to be whitelisted in the upcoming Public Round.

👉Learn more details: https://gravis-finance.medium.com/ido-a…

Read the detailed article about the project at the web: http://blocksolfi.io/gioi-thieu-du-an-g…
Website (http://gravis.finance)
Twitter (https://twitter.com/gammarosigma)
Channel (https://t.me/gravis_finance_official)
TG chat (EN) (https://t.me/gravisfinance)
TG Chat (VN) (https://t.me/Gravisfinance_vn)
Discord (https://discord.gg/qfqN6KxrkP)

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