Actual photo of the Samsung Galaxy S22 super product screen revealed ‘beautiful without blemishes’

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2021-11-08 00:55:14

Samsung Galaxy S22 is currently the most anticipated smartphone product line from now until early next year. Flagship of the Korean tech giant is expected to launch sometime early this year or late next year.

After some rumors about the Galaxy S22 such as the device will have a super bright screen, the screen border reduces curvature, recently the actual image of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra screen has been officially revealed.

Technology leaker account Ice Universe has shared two photos that show the screen of the device believed to be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to the shared images, the screen of the S22 Ultra is indeed overflowing.

However, the actual curvature of the screen is not really noticeable, it is reduced compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra or maybe equivalent or slightly smaller than the Note10+.

The initial impression of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is that it does not look much different from the previous generation. The location of the S-Pen jack does not appear to suggest that this rumor has not come true.

In addition, the news also said that the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + models are likely to be equipped with straight screens. Samsung has reduced the screen curvature of its flagship phones in recent years.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S22 will use the latest Snapdragon 898 chip. However, chip maker Qualcomm has not even announced this chip and has not confirmed it.


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