Adapting by technology in a “new normal” era

Adapting by technology in a “new normal” era


2021-03-29 08:53:24

With a compact, smart design, wireless connectivity and built-in technology, it offers an “all in one” multi-tasking experience that helps you adapt and enjoy life to the fullest in a space. though limited.

Smart screen Samsung M7 | M5 – an all-in-one multi-tasking experience

Bring the office home in an instant

“Work from home” is probably one of the most mentioned phrases in the past year. A new form of working was born that required us to quickly adapt to ensure work efficiency under “new normal” conditions. In addition to online working skills, electronic equipment must also be properly invested to receive all “huge” workloads or smooth professional manipulation. A thin, light, yet versatile and smart screen like Samsung M7 | M5 will be a great assistant for office people.

In addition to the HDMI connection port like normal computer monitors, the product can easily connect wirelessly via bluetooth, USB 2.0 or USB type C to connect to a mouse, keyboard, speaker or peripheral device. other when needed, even without a CPU. This screen of Samsung also allows quick connection to Apple devices via Air Play 2 or unique feature Tap View – 1 touch, displays information from the phone to the wide screen quickly.

Adapting by technology in a

Tap View feature – 1 touch, quickly display information from phone to wide screen

Integrated Office365, Smart Monitor M7 | Samsung’s M5 is a useful companion for office workers with stable meetings on Microsoft Teams or the ability to comfortably store documents thanks to massive cloud storage. In particular, we can bring the whole office home with the function of remote access “remote access”, which allows to access the computer on the office, use and manipulate files on the office computer right away. at home.

Seemingly capturing the needs of users in continuous working conditions, Samsung’s smart screen features Eye Saver Mode, which helps to minimize blue light and protect eyes. In addition, the Flicker Free flicker-free ability keeps your eyes comfortable for long periods of time, along with the Adaptive Picture feature – which automatically adjusts the screen light based on the surrounding environment, helping your eyes not to adjust too much.

Experiencing a new form of work will certainly lead to many shortcomings, but the selection of innovative, modern and useful technology products will be a smart step before the complicated developments of COVID translation. At the same time, we will be much more comfortable and efficient with this smart display, but at this extremely affordable price.

Ho turn the house into entertainment paradise

After work, it must be entertaining, but the movie theater, the shops are also limited, what options are there for both fun and safety? It is still the Samsung M7 / M5 screen with sharp audio and visual experiences and endless entertainment.

Adapting by technology in a

The application store meets all the peak entertainment needs of users.

Netflix and Youtube are two of the many popular applications built into the app store of Samsung Smart TV, allowing you to lie down watching your favorite videos or plowing blockbuster movies with your friends. Inherently the strength in screen quality, 4K UHD resolution and HDR10 support comes from the M7 / M5 smart screen for bright, smooth images. Along with that, the pair of integrated speakers and remote control bring the most vivid sound, the most realistic, meeting all the entertainment needs of the user.

If you need to play entertaining games or perform professional design tasks, Samsung Smart Monitor M7’s Ultrawide Game View 21: 9 mode | The M5 offers an ultra-wide viewing angle that facilitates a panoramic, panoramic view and provides quick operation and response, enhancing entertainment and work experiences. Surely this will be an affordable screen but with many notable uses.

In addition to all the top features that a screen can meet, with Samsung devices, the look is always carefully elaborated. Smart screen M7 is large in size to 32 inches but still compact, thin bezels. Wireless design, neatly all the redundant parts help us easily put on the desk, bedroom and suitable for even small spaces and simple and modern style.

All needs to shrink just with a smart screen Samsung. In the new normal age, choosing a streamlined product, integrated technology is the perfect solution for young people to experience multi-tasking to do – learn – play effectively and comfortably. most convenient. More specifically, from now until the end of March 31, young people buy M7 smart screen | M5 will have a chance to get a good deal of perfecting ‘home-office’: the Logitech MK240 Nano wireless mouse and keyboard. Just provide complete information and successfully register at, you will receive gifts within 14 working days thereafter. Quickly buy now, receive excellent gifts.

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