Address to repair, buy and sell computers, LCD screens, cheap components

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2022-07-03 05:57:41

Technology products are very competitive products today, so reputable units will stand firm in the market. On the contrary, some for-profit sales units that bring poor quality products will be eliminated by consumers immediately.

Prominent in the technology market, Truong Thinh is considered a well-known unit in the field of providing products such as computers, laptops, LCD screens and computer components with: “Ample stock – Market wide market – High repeat purchase rate” attracts a large number of customers every day. provide technology products and repair services

It is not difficult to find information of Truong Thinh on the internet, the number of customers using the service is quite large, among the top companies providing good technology products and services in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. With many years of experience in the industry, the products provided by the unit bring a great experience: genuine, high-quality products coupled with market leading cheap prices.

Repair services are met by a team of highly technical, enthusiastic, thoughtful professionals who constantly learn, improve their skills, and come into contact with new computers. growing up, becoming the top computer repair company. With a wide network system throughout Saigon, the company’s staff will be available after 30-45 minutes of calling.

“Cheap but quality” is the point that makes the difference of the unit. During 8 years of operation, buying, selling, purchasing, testing carefully. Therefore, there is always a wide range of products of high quality and safety that are sold and received positive feedback.

With many brands built and managed by Truong Thinh Group such as: (Truong Tin Informatics HCMC) – (PCI Repair)… will help customers to choose and evaluate the quality of personnel of each team. – Market coverage of quality technology products, good prices - Address to repair, buy and sell computers, LCD screens, cheap components - Photo 2.

As shared by Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ha, in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, said: “The psychology of choosing a computer repair or sale unit is to stay at the top on google search and the website shows clearly, the specific hotline number. Truong Thinh is my go-to place to buy computers, LCD screens or need support for technology tips… in general, the price is quite affordable, the technical staff is very attentive and professional.”

For more than 8 years of operation, Truong Thinh Group has always been known as the leading address for distributing computers, components and repair services. People trust and choose. This place is also considered as one of the reputable places providing quality products at reasonable prices in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

Contact Info:

Company name: Truong Thinh Group Technology Development Co., Ltd

MST: 0312179313

Address: 881 Phan Van Tri, Ward 7, Go Vap District (More than 20 technicians are always available to serve at home in 22 Ho Chi Minh City).


Hotline: 1800 6025 (0 VND/minute) – 1900 636 343 VND

Reception consultation: 028 7300 7898 – 0984 966 552 – 0938 169 138 (Zalo)

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