Admiration for gamers to recreate the beautiful America in Minecraft

Admiration for gamers to recreate the beautiful America in Minecraft


2021-03-31 14:16:09

A male gamer named the_balazs spent three years recreating America inside Minecraft. Looking at the amazing and authentic pictures of American cities created by the_balazs below, many people will surely think that they are Cities: Skylines game.

Some example images in the city are recreated by the_balarz.

According to the_balazs shared on Reddit, in order to build amazing works of American cities with such meticulous details, he used the WorldEdit mod. This guy also asserted that it was just a support tool, and all details in this map were created by the_balazs by hand.

The fictional city created by the_balarz is based on two real American cities, New York and Chicago. The city is called Tranton and you can see and download a city map from the link below.

Before that, also introduced to you about Fuho, a group of Vietnamese gamers who also recreated Vietnam with beautiful images, famous architectural works and famous landscapes of Vietnam. in Minecraft.

That is to say, just with will, energy and … time, gamers can do everything that seemed impossible. Minecraft further affirms that it is a great game where players can create anything they want. Hopefully more works from Minecraft will be released in the near future.


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