Admire Samsung’s latest 360-degree Flex In & Out folding screen

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2023-01-23 13:53:39

Samsung introduces Flex In & Out display prototype and new hinge that folds 360 degrees without folding!

Recently, Samsung Display has introduced a new screen and hinge prototype that can be folded both inward and outward. The “Flex In & Out” concept allows the hinge to fold the device in 360 degrees while creating a crease that is less visible.

Prototype provided for The Verge. However, this page does not provide any information on whether the new display and hinge will be ready for commercial products.

The Samsung Flex In & Out display comes with a new hinge design that allows the device to fold completely 360 degrees instead of leaving a teardrop-shaped hole in the fold. The screen prototype was taken next to the Galaxy Z Fold smartphone, revealing that it will be as thick as the fourth-generation book-shaped folding phone. However, we can see some movement mechanisms that allow the screen to bend comfortably without being stretched.

Such a design will help create a new folding screen phone that does not need a screen. Moreover, it will also create more room for the brand to replace the larger battery and larger camera sensor without making the phone too thick. It’s still very early to predict anything but hopefully we’ll see it in a commercialized product soon.

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