Admire the Apple Watch Series 7 collection with a ‘new coat’ of copper, gold and titanium priced at VND 600 million

Admire the Apple Watch Series 7 collection with a ‘new coat’ of copper, gold and titanium priced at VND 600 million


2022-06-01 09:38:41

(CHK) With the desire to bring users an interesting experience when owning a modern smart watch with a classic look, Caviar has “changed clothes” for the Apple Watch Series 7 series with many attractive designs. .

Apple has not released a gold-plated smartwatch since the first version but switched to ceramic and titanium plating. If you want a smartwatch that can handle multiple tasks but still have a classic look, then Caviar will help you do it.

Specifically, Caviar has changed the “new shirt” for Apple Watch Series 7 with 3 versions. The first version is decorated in embossed style inspired by the work of Gustave Young, a famous 19th century American gun engraver and is named Moon series with 4 versions: Night Moon (3,260) USD), Blood Moon ($3,350), Dark Moon ($3,440), Gold Moon ($25,070).

Moon Collection

The Night Moon version starts at $3,260, is covered in white bronze and comes on a black alligator leather strap. This version is limited to 99 pieces worldwide.

Night Moon version costs 3,260 USD

Gold Moon is the most expensive version, selling for $ 25,070 and only 8 copies. It is covered in 18K gold and has a brown alligator leather strap.

Gold Moon version costs $ 25,070 (nearly 600 million dong)

Next is the rivet version with a more industrial design. Both use titanium coated with black PVD coating.

Rivet version

In addition, there is another version, the flame is also made of titanium and has decorative patterns engraved by laser.

Flame version

Specifically, the Rivets line has 2 versions: Black Rivets ($3,620), Golden Rivets ($3,620). The Flame line has 2 versions: Black Line ($3,440) and Titanium Flame ($3,440).

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