Admire the ‘luxury, genuine, smooth’ Nokia X90 with a secondary screen, priced at only 8 million

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2021-10-16 07:12:43

(CHK) Nokia X90 is currently a name that is sought after by users, because of a powerful configuration, impressive design and affordable price.

Nokia X90 is expected to be a device to “break the island” of other competitors in the high-end segment. And recently, designers have come up with an idea for an X90 with a “luxury, genuine, smooth” appearance in the mid-range mobile segment.

The concept version of the Nokia X90 has a sturdy look with sturdy edges, a rough glass back, and a solid metal frame. The front of the Nokia X90 is gently curved, with a borderless screen, the front camera system is designed in the familiar button shape. The back of the X90 stands out with a huge camera cluster, but not too high compared to the glass back. In addition, this back part also comes with a secondary screen, displaying necessary information such as notifications, weather, messages, time. The Nokia X90 also comes with an S-Pen.


In terms of configuration, Nokia X90 comes with a 6.5-inch Full HD + screen, OLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate. In order to give users a good price, it is likely that the X90 will use the Snapdragon 775G processor with sufficient performance, promising to bring a smooth experience no less than the flagship models. It is known that this processor is also integrated with a 5G modem.


Nokia X90 camera system with 4 lenses, 108MP main camera, 5MP ultra-wide, 2MP telephoto, 2MP font removal. The 32MP selfie camera has OIS support.



According to the leak, Nokia X90 will launch in August 2022 with a price of only about 7.4 million VND (Rs 24,216) in the Indian market. The same expectation that the X90 will have the same design and configuration as the concept version above.


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