After 14 years, there is a smartphone that won the best invention award of the year voted by TIME

After 14 years, there is a smartphone that won the best invention award of the year voted by TIME

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2021-12-04 19:45:26

TIME magazine recently published a list of 100 innovations for the nomination “The Best Inventions of 2021”, products in the selection list share the same goal of changing the way Human life includes many fields: Digital applications, Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality technology, Consumer electronics, Health, Education, Food, Entertainment…

This is an annual voting activity conducted by Time magazine editors and reporters around the world to honor innovative products and ideas that have contributed significantly to transforming the world according to trends. Smarter, nicer and more interesting.

Among the product categories voted as the best invention of 2021, the appearance of Galaxy Z Flip3 surprised many consumers. With a unique design, a hybrid between classic and modern, along with a new user experience, completely different from the smartphones we often use, Galaxy Z Flip3 brings Name yourself on the best invention of the year list.

14 years – Time for Samsung to lead the trend in experience

In 2007, the whole world was surprised with the arrival of the iPhone, the pioneer and leader in redefining mobile phones for the global mobile industry. Thanks to Steve Jobs and Apple’s efforts to innovate the user experience, the iPhone put its name on the list of inventions of 2007.

The iPhone of 14 years ago, and also the invention of the year voted by TIME

14 years later, Samsung, the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, continues its revolutionary work in changing consumers’ smartphone habits by introducing folding screen smartphones. Although it has been released a few versions before, it was not until the Galaxy Z Flip3 was released that the device was able to meet the expectations and expectations of users about an influential smartphone device. to the habit of daily use.

Galaxy Z Flip3 has a flexible folding screen with small size, which can be considered as a “mini” version of the Galaxy Z Fold3, both for a flexible use experience and powerful hardware. in a compact body. Complementing these factors, the $999 price tag also contributes to making the Galaxy Z Flip3 more accessible to users. These are the factors evaluated by TIME to highlight the Galaxy Z Flip3 and finally put the name of this device on the list of the best inventions of the year.

After 14 years, there is a smartphone that won the best invention award of the year voted by TIME - Photo 2.

Last year, another Microsoft smartphone, Surface Duo, was also voted by TIME magazine in the category of best invention of the year, however, compared to the Galaxy Z Flip3, it is clear that Microsoft Duo is rated at a “level” ladder” is much lower. In the smartphone segment with flexible screens, Samsung’s Galaxy Z series is considered by many experts to be the most successful product line on the market. And this is also the reason why this year, there is no folding screen product line that can compete with the Galaxy Z.

What does TIME magazine say about the Galaxy Z Flip3?

Describing the Galaxy Z Flip3, TIME magazine said, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 is a highly innovative product line that is a combination of classic and modern, thereby bringing a new experience. .

“Manufacturers have tried to combine the modern functionality of smartphones with the compactness of the folding phones of the last century to come up with highly innovative products, but the results are average. Only Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 folding smartphone series seems to be the most successful product at the moment.Z Flip3 possesses the simplicity and compactness of classic devices 2 decades ago, only different in that Because it is opened with physical buttons, inside is a lively, attractive 6.7-inch screen and a small screen on the front to read messages, notifications, and receive calls even when the device is closed.Read More Moreover, at $999, Z Flip3 is the first folding smartphone under $1000, becoming a direct competitor of high-end iPhone models.” Quote from TIME magazine.

After 14 years, there is a smartphone that won the best invention award of the year voted by TIME - Photo 3.

With the rapid development of technology, now manufacturers turn to improve the user experience. The experience factor is now a new development trend of the smartphone industry. It is no coincidence that the iPhone 14 years ago was on the list of inventions of the year, although it is certain that it was a phone with many limitations compared to the models of the time.

Samsung is gradually following the trend of experiencing and emphasizing what users can feel during use, and that has been, is and will continue to create the success of the Galaxy Z series in the future. future.


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