After 3 days of volatility, Bitcoin loss goes down in history with $7 billion

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2022-06-22 17:18:44

Data from Glassnode showing a loss of over $7 billion in Bitcoin in just three days of market correction has gone down in crypto history.

The “realized loss” or “real loss” index measures the total amount (USD) that investors in Bitcoin are experiencing up to now. This metric calculates this value by looking at the transfer history of each currently traded token to see at what price it was last transferred.

If the final sale value of a token is greater than the current BTC price, then the token has taken some loss. When the value of the actual loss skyrockets, it means that holders are now selling a large chunk of the total source outside of trading.

When this trend persists for a period of time, it shows that BTC investors may be going through a period of short-term speculation. The chart shows Bitcoin’s real loss trend over the past few years:

Bitcoin Realized Loss Data on Glassnode

As can be seen in the chart above, Bitcoin investors have realized quite a large amount of losses over the past few days. In fact, the index’s three-day spike over the past week equates to a loss of more than $7 billion.

This loss realized value is the highest in crypto history during a three-day market bottom. Additional data from the analytics firm shows that long-term (LTH) holders also suffered big losses during this time.

Long-term holders also have to take a big loss during the market correction days
(Data from Glassnode)

Some invested LTHs bought as high as $69,000 and sold as low as $18,000, thus receiving losses of up to 75%. In general, LTH is the least likely to sell and as can be seen in the chart, heavy losses from them only happen around the lows.

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