After graduation, what should you do if you haven’t found a job yet?

After graduation, what should you do if you haven’t found a job yet?


2021-04-06 04:27:08

Train skills, learn new things

Take advantage of this time to practice your skills or learn a new language needed for your job. This not only helps you keep the fire of passion and determination to try, but also is the key for you to improve your competitive advantage and become a good candidate.

Always refresh the profile

Employers will always have different requirements and descriptions for the same job.Therefore, before deciding to send an email to apply, you should have a clear understanding of the position you want, then update your profile. resume with relevant criteria. You need to show your ability righteous in this first step, instead of waiting for a face-to-face interview.

Expand your scope of job search

New graduates often do their job ideal. This will inadvertently narrow your search, so you need to be more open to different working conditions that most likely won’t be as good as you might think.

In addition, you should also expand the job search channel, from recruitment sites, to the recommendation of acquaintances, even from reputable news sites like Diverse search channels will open you up many unexpected opportunities.

Don’t sit still

In the meantime, do not just hang around at home. Instead, you can do other things like part-time employees, freelance associates, or help with family if your family has a business, or get a job as an intern if you are still in short supply. too much experience.

No matter where you work in any position, you can learn a lot if you have a keen attitude, inquisitive attitude, and a positive spirit of working, as well as providing an income to meet your needs. your own needs.

Keep optimistic

You can’t find a job if you’re depressed and depressed all day long. On the contrary, a relaxed mind will help you maximize your potential during this challenging time. A steady job is a difficult goal, but it will be a worthy reward for those who are persistent, determined and optimistic enough.

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