AirB’s “rope” hinge is used millions of times without damage, there is no such thing as a monolithic and minimalist charging case.

AirB’s “rope” hinge is used millions of times without damage, there is no such thing as a monolithic and minimalist charging case.

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2021-11-29 07:42:46

Before the opening of AirB, in recent times, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang has continuously posted about this true wireless headset on social networks.

One of the most controversial details of the AirB is the “wire” hinge design of the charging case. Specifically, instead of using plastic or metal joints like on other product lines, the AirB’s hinge is just a wire connecting the two halves of the box together.

Previously, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang once explained, saying that this design is to “save for customers”. Specifically, Mr. Quang said that many users have broken the charging box hinge, and each time will have to buy a new charging box which is very expensive. Therefore, BKAV used an extremely durable plastic instead.

Recently, Mr. Quang has added an article on social networks to explain this design in more detail.

First, Mr. Quang announced that the material of this rope is TPU “80 Shore” with high durability, often used on the soles of athletes’ shoes.

“In order to “relieve” the idea that the AirB’s charging box lid hinge is made of rubber, I officially reveal that the material used is TPU “80 Shore”. Description: PLASTIC material has high elasticity, good wear resistance.Used for parts that need high MECHANICAL RESISTANCE, in harsh environments such as humidity, high temperature up to 200 degrees, the temperature is very low to -50 degrees.

Therefore, PLASTIC is often used in equipment for PROFESSIONAL SPORTS such as skateboarding, rugby, and running. All are subjects that need endurance but flexibility.

For example, the Athlete’s SHOES have a flexible plastic layer to increase durability, but still ensure elasticity and preserve the feet. A professional runner runs 30km a day, with an average of 30k steps, about 10 million steps a year.”

BKAV CEO asserts that the rope on AirB can withstand up to 14Kg of force and millions of times of opening and closing. For customers’ peace of mind, BKAV will guarantee this part for up to 5 years.

So you can rest assured that the durability of the AirB charging box hinge, with MILLIONS of opening and closing, will not be damaged or stretched. For your peace of mind, we guarantee this part for up to 5 years.

When deciding to use it, I was the one to directly check and ask Bkav Design Team to study this material carefully. Specifically, the tests show that: The AirB charging box hinge can withstand up to 14kg, and can still be elastic, while the weight of the charging box cover is only in grams.

With elasticity and strength, combined with a magnet mechanism that automatically closes the lid, it’s interesting that the AirB charging box hinge, even if it is opened, STUNNING, STILL, it will return itself to the neatly closed position. “

BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang: AirB's rope hinge is used millions of times without damage, there is no such thing as such a monolithic and minimalist charging case - Photo 2.

Quang said that to arrive at this design, BKAV’s team consulted the designs of many different types of headphones, including Apple’s AirPods Pro.

“As a music fanatic, I have used many types of wireless headphones from different brands. Especially when I decided to research and produce AirB, I experimented with different types from a few hundred thousand to tens of millions of VND.

In addition to the sound quality of these products, one of the issues I care about is the hinge of the charging box lid. There are 3 common types: Solid aluminum milling, cast metal and plastic.

Monolithic aluminum milling like that of Apple Airpods Pro is the sturdiest, but breakage still occurs. In fact, it is not difficult to see ads selling cases to protect the charging case from falling and breaking the hinge.

The plastic and cast metal types are even more fragile because the size of the charging case is small, the parts cannot be thick. Or thickening to make it more durable is bad, because in relation to the small size of the charging case, they are exposed.”

Although not as “luxurious” as metal hinges, BKAV CEO is still very satisfied by the seamless design of the AirB hinge. He even said that there is no charging case on the market that can achieve such a monolithic and minimalistic level.

“But in return I am very satisfied with the UNIQUE design of the AirB charging case. Bkav engineers have creatively and cleverly designed HIDE HIDE inside the charging box, to create a seamless connection between the top and bottom covers. . Perhaps there is no charging case on the market that can achieve such a seamless and minimalistic level. The photo at the end of the article shows this.”

One factor that I’m sure customers will agree with and accept is, the subtle, sophisticated elements should focus on the HEADPHONES that you wear on your ears. Sound quality should be good, but it’s also a fashion accessory. As for the charging box anyway, you will just leave it on the table or in your pocket, looking at it minimalist, holding it neatly, easy to use and it’s durable is ok!”

BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang: AirB's rope hinge is used millions of times without damage, there is no such thing as a monolithic and minimalist charging case - Photo 3.

The image of the AirB Pro charging box was shared by Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang

Another reason why BKAV decided to use “rope” hinges is to cut costs and invest in other components.

“To be honest, I initially decided to use a monolithic aluminum milling hinge, although the percentage of broken hinges is there, but it is acceptable to a certain extent. A set of monolithic aluminum milling hinges, contributing to the market price of the headset about 500,000 VND. While I want to bring to Vietnamese users a product of the same quality as the world’s most popular, good quality product, but at half the price.

At this point, the problem is that with the above 500,000 VND, I can equip the best components, such as speaker drivers, quality-determining mics, corresponding to the second best product on the market and still keep it. half price. Of course, it is still necessary to ensure a profit for sustainable reinvestment.

Do not use milled aluminum, but using cast metal or plastic is bad or not durable. Considering the factors, we decided to use PLASTIC. Durability and convenience go without saying. When you experience it, you will see how easy it is to use one hand because of the flexibility of the hinge. Only the initial feeling is that it looks strange and not “luxurious” with aluminum hinges.

And I also believe most of you will agree that I should not invest too much in the charging box, to the point that its own price can be up to 2,000,000 VND like that of company A, while the price of the new AirB Pro has the maximum is 2,990,000 VND. We SHOULD Invest in headphones and sound quality.”

Finally, Mr. Quang affirmed that his company always chooses what is in the interests of customers, even when these decisions are controversial.

“Bkav is like that. We always choose what is beneficial to our customers, even though we know it will be difficult at first because we won’t be like anyone else in the market. Even these things are controversial and detrimental to us.

If you follow a lot, you will also see my similar decisions even with non-profit work such as warning about computer viruses that have helped people for decades or about the biological virus COVID-19 as recently.

But I believe and conclude from many years, what comes from the HEART will come to the HEART.

Thanks for the controversy, inadvertently helping us to share the FUN in the creative work, of a technology maker that is easy to see.”


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