Alameda Research invested $ 2 million into Efficient Frontier

Alameda Research invested $ 2 million into Efficient Frontier


2021-03-22 20:30:01

Alameda Research has invested $ 2 million in a Tel-Aviv-based market-maker claiming to be capable of handling a monthly volume of nearly $ 10 billion across 50 cryptocurrency exchanges.

Alameda Research invested $ 2 million into Efficient Frontier

The news was released by Efficient Frontier on March 15, with the company saying the funding will be used to “widen the balance sheet” and build its position in the crypto asset sector. chemical. Frontier CEO Roei Levav said:

“This funding, coming from a very strong, humble team, will help us further improve our value proposition to our partners.”

Said Sam Bankman-Fried, Co-Founder and CEO of Alameda

“Efficient Frontier is one of the most advanced commercial companies in the cryptocurrency market. We’ve been working together since day one and their team, their technology and their outlook on the industry are what makes us so excited to join. ”

Efficient Frontier is also supported by venture capital firms Collider Ventures and Follow The Seed.

Since its launch in 2017, this market-maker has provided liquidity to dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges, including both centralized and decentralized platforms. Levav notes that Efficient Frontier’s trade volume has grown “by a hundred percent” in 2020, stating:

“Last year was very important to both the industry and our growth.”

The company claims to have provided liquidity to more than 1,000 trading pairs on both the spot and derivative markets, and has achieved a monthly volume of $ 10 billion on 50 different exchanges.

Last month, Alameda Research announced it had invested $ 40 million in the DeFi Oxygen protocol – a Solana-based lending platform that will be integrated into the travel app Alameda also invested $ 50 million in in January, with the travel app promising to bring decentralized finance to its 140 million users.

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