Aliens, ghosts or just rumors?

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2022-01-02 04:21:11

Something is lurking in the deep woods of Flatwoods, in the state of Braxton, West Virginia. Although it was only seen a few times, the incident that happened made those who witnessed it so terrifying that they could never be forgotten.

Also known as the Braxton County monster, the Flatwoods monster, this creature is an entity sighted on September 12, 1952, in the forests of the eastern United States. Many people have theorized about what was seen that night, but the question, what the Flatwoods monster really is, remains unanswered to this day.

First meeting

It was September 12, 1952, and night was drawing in. At about 7:15 p.m., two brothers named Freddie May and Edward May, and their two friends Tommy Hyer and Neil Nunley, were playing on the lawn of Flatwoods Elementary.

Suddenly, these children saw a light in the sky and something seemed to have fallen on the land of G. Bailey Fisher, a local farmer. The children then ran home and told what they had seen to Kathleen May, mother of Freddie May and Edward May.

Kathleen May informed Eugene Lemon, a member of the US National Guard, about the incident. Then they all, along with Richie, the family dog, went to the crash site to find out.

As they approached the site where something was believed to have fallen, the witnesses suddenly smelled a very unpleasant odor, as if it were some strange metal in the air. Furthermore, they also heard some high-pitched noises coming from the darkness in front of them. However, instead of feeling scared, they are extremely curious and intrigued by what is happening.

After getting closer to the scene, the children began to report having difficulty breathing, burning eyes, and an itchy throat. Signs at the scene also indicate that this does not appear to be an ordinary shooting star that crashed to Earth.

From the darkness, they saw a creature about four meters tall, described as wearing a metal dress and having a spade-shaped head. The creature’s hands were clawed and twisted.

Flatwoods Monsters: Aliens, Ghosts or Just Rumors?  - Photo 2.

The eyes of this mysterious creature glowed orange, and to them it seemed as if the creature was hovering above the ground. Seeing the creature glide and hiss, they all fled the area in terror.

The incident was reported to the local authorities by witnesses. Local authorities searched the area throughout the night but were unable to find anything that matched their description.

In addition to the moderate horror experienced, the witnesses also suffered many adverse health effects in the following days such as headache, nausea, itchy throat, …

Other encounters

Audra Harper, a resident of Flatwoods, also reported seeing a similar creature shortly before the incident at Fisher Farm. According to Harper, she was walking through the woods near the town of Heaters when she saw the monster.

Harper and her friends are going to a nearby store. Instead of going long distances, they chose to take shortcuts through the forests. After traveling just half a mile (0.8 km), they saw what they thought was a ball of fire on a hill.

At first, Harper dismissed the sight. However, when she looked back, she could no longer see the fire. Instead it was a tall man. Terrified, Harper and her friends ran away.

Flatwoods Monsters: Aliens, Ghosts or Just Rumors?  - Photo 3.

After the September 12 incident, another mysterious sight was recorded in Flatwoods. According to that story, Edith and George Snitowsky and their 18-month-old son were traveling through the countryside between Braxton and Clay County.

Suddenly, their car stopped. Snowsky tried to start the car, but all his efforts were in vain. Because it was late at night, the road was completely deserted.

While they were trying to do something to save the situation, they noticed a strange smell in the air and their baby suddenly started crying violently. Then, a strange light flashed and followed by the appearance of a strange creature more than 3 meters tall in front of the car and then quickly disappeared.

The description the couple provided is very similar to the monster seen on the evening of September 12. However, this monster does not wear a spade-shaped hood. Instead, the head of the monster is bone and resembles a reptile.

Flatwoods Monsters: Aliens, Ghosts or Just Rumors?  - Photo 4.

Unsolved mystery

The incident then attracted public opinion and the government officially stepped in to investigate the September 12 incident. The monster was then named after the place where it was sighted – Flatwoods. However, no evidence of an accident, ice drop, collision or any monster was found.

In 2000, after re-investigating the incident, Joe Nickell from the Suspicious Investigative Committee concluded that the bright light seen on September 12 was likely a meteorite. The vibrating red light seen by the group of witnesses could be a hazard beacon or the aircraft’s navigation lights.

The night of seeing bright lights on September 12, people observed a meteor in 3 states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia. Flashing red aircraft beacons can also be seen from that area.

Flatwoods Monsters: Aliens, Ghosts or Just Rumors?  - Photo 5.

The monstrous creature itself was most likely the shadow of an exaggerated owl. According to Nickell, the eyewitness’ perception was distorted due to their level of anxiety.

As an explanation, this seems reasonable, but other aspects of the encounter remain unresolved. What causes weird odors like burning metal? And then, what did the Snitowskys see in the front of their car, with a reptilian head unmistakably an owl?


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