‘All’ add-ons to install if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT

‘All’ add-ons to install if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT

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2023-02-16 10:01:45

WebChatGPT (Chrome Browser, Firefox): Integrate search results into ChatGPT for better answers from AI

Although ChatGPT’s ability to respond is impressive, it is still quite limited in many ways. In fact, if you know well how chatGPT works, you will know that this AI chatbot does not search for the latest information on any topic or news on the Internet. Instead, ChatGPT works on an older database size (only until 2021) and doesn’t connect to the internet.

WebChatGPT is an improved solution to this problem, as the extension adds web search results to ChatGPT.

WebChatGPT also provides user-customizable parameters such as the number of results, the time period and the area to search. Photo: WebChatGPT

When you put any question to ChatGPT, WebChatGPT will conduct web search and collect results. This extension then modifies and adds the above search results to the user’s original query, and asks ChatGPT to scan and include the results (when processed).

Therefore, the ultimate answer from ChatGPT gives you more up-to-date information, such as news summaries, sports match statistics, weather forecasts as well as market updates stock.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius (Chrome, Firefox): Consult useful reminder templates for ChatGPT

Although a very powerful and versatile tool, ChatGPT may not be able to perform to its full potential if users ask too simple questions/proposals, or even write prompts. somewhat…’stupid’ (?!), rambling, unclear and lacking focus.

In fact, just like learning Google’s best search operators (including special characters and commands), users need to know how to arrange questions/problems that best suit ChatGPT. Fortunately, the above job has become simpler with the ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension.

'All' extensions need to be installed if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT - Photo 2.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius provides a wide range of detailed, specific reminder templates for different needs and tasks. Photo: Internet

Accordingly, this utility aggregates useful user-created reminder templates for various functions and tasks.

As a result, users can quickly use them in ChatGPT, or filter reminder templates by categories such as academic writing, business, learning, fun and games, fiction writing, programming, networking social, speech, script, etc.

Also, you can organize and save recently used reminders if you want to use them again later. ChatGPT Prompt Genius also allows users to save entire chats with ChatGPT AI as PDF, PNG or Markdown HTML files directly from the browser.

ChatGPT Writer (Chromium Browser): Write detailed emails from a brief prompt

When someone sends you a professional, long and detailed email, it would be unprofessional to keep it short with a line or two (even if that summarizes everything). you mean) in the response email.

Therefore, the ChatGPT Writer extension will be a useful right hand for users in these situations, when it can ‘make’ ChatGPT produce professional-looking content.

'All' extensions need to be installed if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT - Photo 3.

You can create a professional email response based on simple and easy prompts such as “Write a response email with the content expressing my interest in the job, as well as find information about salary.” Photo: Internet

This extension works with all email services but is specially designed for Gmail. It has a built-in button next to the Send button in the Compose box. When activating ChatGPT Writer, users will see an incoming email, accompanied by a dialog box to enter the content you want to reply to briefly.

In just a few seconds, ChatGPT Writer will compose a reply email with long and detailed content according to the original ‘topic’. You can also change or edit any word in the content generated by the extension, or redo the prompt if you are not satisfied.

YouTube Summary With ChatGPT (Browser: Chrome, Safari): Copy lyrics and summarize the content of videos on Youtube

Transcript feature was released on Youtube quite a long time ago. This feature is especially useful for long videos, making it easier for users to find dialogue or favorite quotes that appear in the video.

However, not all content creators on Youtube have this option enabled for users to use. Therefore, the YouTube Summary With ChatGPT extension was developed, when OpenAI’s chatbot will assist in creating recordings and summarizing Youtube video content.

'All' extensions need to be installed if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT - Photo 4.

ChatGPT helps summarize the content of the entire video, based on the recording created with the YouTube utility Summary With ChatGPT. Photo: YouTube Summary With ChatGPT

Accordingly, after installing the utility, any video will display a recording including the timeline of the dialogue in the video, allowing users to switch easily when watching.

This extension also provides video content summary feature powered by ChatGPT. The generated record will be imported into ChatGPT, then this chatbot will summarize the content of the record immediately. You can also add other prompts to get more details about specific parts of a video without having to watch the whole thing.

Talk-to-ChatGPT (Browser: Chrome): Create voice prompts and read ChatGPT replies

ChatGPT is now a text-based AI application, where prompts and responses are done by writing. Meanwhile, Google’s Chrome browser offers quite useful voice control and text-to-speech features.

The Talk-to-ChatGPT utility allows users to write commands using the Voice command feature. Videos: Youtube

By combining the two, the Talk-to-ChatGPT extension can bridge this gap to allow you to give reminders by ‘talking’ directly as voice control to ChatGPT. Meanwhile, ChatGPT’s answers are also ‘transformed’ from text to audio, when the Talk-to-ChatGPT utility will ‘read aloud’, clearly for users. Talk-to-ChatGPT also allows users to choose from different AI voices, voice pitch and text reading speed.

ChatGPT for Search Engines (Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge): Combines Google and DuckDuckGo with answers from ChatGPT

ChatGPT for Search Engine is one of the best extensions in presenting ChatGPT answers along with regular Google or DuckDuckGo search results. ChatGPT for Search Engine also works with Bing, but this utility has been quite ‘useless’ when Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT for this search engine.

'All' extensions need to be installed if you want to take full advantage of ChatGPT - Photo 5.

ChatGPT for Search Engine allows users to compare (or view both) answers from ChatGPT and search results from search engines. Photo: ChatGPT for Search Engine

Accordingly, ChatGPT’s answer will be displayed in a small frame on the right side of the screen, next to the usual list of search results. ChatGPT for Search Engine also supports all types of searches, including questionable keywords.


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