ALPHA tokenomics – optimal benefits for token holders

ALPHA tokenomics – optimal benefits for token holders

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2021-04-01 03:51:38

If you follow the name Alpha recently, you all know that the project will have a completely new tokenomics.

This Tokenomics will optimize the benefits that Alpha Holder receives, and in this article I will guide in detail for those who hold ALPHA or intend to buy ALPHA what this new tokenomics brings and how to make a profit. from the project.

Let’s get started!

The benefits that the new tokenomics bring to the ALPHA holder

There are 2 main benefits that ALPHA holder receives: (1) Sharing transaction fees of the entire Alpha ecosystem, (2) Unlocking product features.

Share transaction fees

Currently, the project has just launched Alpha Homora, but in the future, ALPHA holder will be able to share fees from all products in the ALPHA ecosystem.


  • 75% of the fees generated in Alpha Homora will be distributed pro rata to those who stake ALPHA.
  • 5% of the fee goes into the fund for future development purposes.
  • 20% fee is used to repay debt of CREAM side.

Unlock features

Alpha Homora will have a decentralized system called Alpha Wolf Pack, the more you stake ALPHA on the platform, the higher the level will be.

The first feature that applies this system is to unlock the leverage, the more ALPHA you stake, the higher the leverage you can use when farming.


  1. Alpha Woof Woof (stake from 0 – 1,000 ALPHA): Currently there is no unlocked feature at this level.
  2. Alpha Wolf Pup (stake from 1,000 – 10,000 ALPHA): Can use 10% higher leverage on Alpha Homora V2.
  3. Alpha Wolf Warrior (stake from 10,000 – 100,000 ALPHA): 20% higher leverage can be used on Alpha Homora V2.
  4. Alpha Wolf Elder (stake from 100,000 – 1,000,000 ALPHA): Can use 30% higher leverage on Alpha Homora V2.
  5. Alpha Pack Leader (stake> 1,000,000 ALPHA): 40% higher leverage can be used on Alpha Homora V2.

All these features will be unlocked when Alpha Homora V2 relaunch.

You can read more about 3 highlights of ALPHA’s new tokenomics and its impact on staker here.

Detailed instructions on how to stake and unstake ALPHA

As you have seen, staking ALPHA tokens is an important step to get the benefits that new tokenomics bring and below let’s see how to stake and unstake ALPHA tokens.


  • Brothers access to the ALPHA tokenomics page here.
  • Connect wallet.
  • Go to the stake in the lower left corner of the screen and choose the amount of ALPHA you want to stake, depending on the number of ALPHA you will be classified into the corresponding level.
  • Transaction confirmation.

When the stake is complete ALPHA, you will be able to see related parameters such as the number of sALPHA (token staking you get back when you stake ALPHA), the total amount of ALPHA staked and the number of rewards received.


To unstake ALPHA, just go to the unstake section in the lower right corner, select the desired% and make the transaction.


  • To withdraw assets you will have to wait 7 days, during these 7 days the transaction fee is still divided among the brothers.
  • After waiting 7 days, you will have 24 hours to withdraw the property, otherwise you will have to repeat the above process and wait 7 more days.
  • Any activities like converting the amount of assets you want to unstake, or staking will cancel the ongoing unstake process and repeat the 7-day process.

Closing Thoughts

This new tokenomics model of ALPHA is very groundbreaking, all of which help increase the BUY DEMAND of the token, from the majority of token stakes sharing transaction fees to unlocking features in the ecosystem.

Currently Alpha is almost exclusively on leveraged farming not only on the Ethereum network but also on the Binance Smart Chain, with the current rate of development and the launch date of new products like Alpha X is very high In the near future, we can fully expect ALPHA to bring more value to Holder in the future.


For brothers holding ALPHA tokens or intending to buy ALPHA, this is an important article that directly affects the profit received that we should pay close attention.

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