Although BTC price is correcting sharply, CEO Celsius still believes BTC will reach 140,000 USD

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2021-12-28 03:56:45

Despite the market correction, Bitcoin is about 47,000 USD, but the CEO of crypto lending platform Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, still maintains that BTC price will hit 6 digits in 2020. after.

“I still maintain my opinion that Bitcoin hits $140,000 by April 15, 2022,” Mashinsky told Kitco News.

In a recent interview on Kitco News, Mashinsky said that BTC price will hit six figures next year, no matter what trend the market takes.

“In 2022, Bitcoin will move to $140,000 to $160,000, this is the price of BTC that we will see next year. Bitcoin will explode in value possibly before tax date, April 15, 2022, or move into Q2/2022.”

Talking about the discount case, Mashinsky said he is not too concerned. However, should there be a correction, the Celsius Network executive predicts that selling pressure will trigger the drop around Q2 next year, where Bitcoin could fall from $140,000 to $80,000.

“I think when BTC goes to $140,000, there will be many sellers at this level, so if there is a correction, it will only stop at $80,000.”

There are many people saying that the price of BTC increased after the Taproot upgrade but Mashinsky thinks otherwise.

“I believe the increase in the value of Bitcoin does not depend on a technological upgrade. Bitcoin’s price increase is because more and more people see it as a real store of value, the relationship between supply and demand, so Bitcoin’s increase in value is because it is driven by a state of trust in the community. copper”

“The more people trust it, the more its value will increase, so trust in the market is very important.”

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