Always the first choice in the smartwatch world!

Always the first choice in the smartwatch world!


2021-04-02 15:39:46

Even more than half a year since its launch (8/2020), Samsung Galaxy Watch3 still has a solid foothold in the smartwatch market. Possessing an impressive design, a modern design that blends classic lines, high-end perfection, and many outstanding features – Watch3 is a “perfect” choice for those who are expecting a design. the best smart wear today.

Design – “Style is never out of date!”

Successful continuation of its predecessors. Samsung gives the Watch3 classic designs with traditional round dials, interwoven modern lines with premium finishes. Users have 2 choices of clock face size is 41mm with 1.2 inch screen – 45mm with 1.4 inch screen. Copper and silver version for 41mm version, black and silver for 45mm version.

The return of the smart bezel on the Watch3 is one of the right directions for Samsung. The physical rotation not only makes it easy for users to interact with the watch face functions, it also creates a joy to use, providing a unique, intelligent and convenient rotating experience. user.


And yet, the stainless steel material, metal buttons, leather strap, Gorilla Glass DX watch face gives Watch3 a premium, luxurious look but still shows the durability and toughness. In addition, the optimized design, streamlining helps lighter weight give users a comfortable, soft leather material to wear.

Equipping a variety of watch faces ranging from designs to functions will help users unleash customization and creativity in style of each person. With more than 80,000 options and 40 ways to display different types of data of each watch face on the Galaxy Store – TechZ believes Watch3 will always give you a fresh, exciting feeling.

Features – “Health first!”


“Beautiful” is not enough – Watch3 is also equipped with a lot of features to support users in daily practice. The watch is equipped with up to 120 different fitness programs, including swimming, running, cycling, and basketball. After the user performs the above exercise, “Companion” Watch3 has the ability to automatically detect and track the exercises, providing users with detailed information about exercise stats.


Samsung has partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to bring the Galaxy Watch3 the best sleep tracking feature. It can visually calculate the sleep score on a 0 ~ 100 scale, based on measures of total sleep time, sleep cycle, movement and mental fitness. Your sleep information will be clearly displayed through the Samsung Health app, helping you to improve your sleep better.

Galaxy Watch3 can reduce your stress levels through breathing exercises. The test takes only a few seconds and the user just keeps his arm still. When it gets the information it needs, it will give the owner a level of stress and then offer breathing exercises to help you feel better, be more productive.


Fall detection feature on Galaxy Watch3 is really a “expensive” equipment. When you perform exercise or in everyday activities, if you accidentally fall, Galaxy Watch3 can recognize it through the accelerometer sensor, then quickly send a message to 4 emergency contacts. . And yet, the ability to analyze motion also helps users to improve their posture when exercising and limit injuries. Both of these two features are highly appreciated by international athletes for its practicality.


Samsung invested a lot in Watch3 when it brought the 7-sensor device to analyze activities and exercises of the body. The most prominent among them is a new-generation heart rate sensor, which measures oxygen concentration in the blood or SpO2 and maximum oxygen consumption index VO2 max.

Galaxy Ecosystem: “Born to be optimized and smooth”


The Tizen OS ecosystem was created by Samsung to serve its smartwatch devices. It is optimized for the different screen sizes of each watch face, the layout of icons, content, interface, as well as notifications are displayed in a clear and intuitive way. Some useful operations on the Watch3 to use such as turn off the alarm, call by shaking your wrist, hold and open your hand to answer a call, answer messages by typing or using voice.

Also thanks to the optimization of Tizen OS and the powerful hardware with the Exynos 9110 10nm processor, the connection to other devices, the operability of this platform is extremely smooth and smooth. as there is no feeling of slowdown or stalling during use. Internal memory with a capacity of 8GB users can freely store data on their beautiful little wrist. With just a compact wearable device, users like “holding” the world in the palm of your hand. It works independently and does not need a smartphone, users can make calls, text messages, watch social networks, call the virtual assistant Bixby.


In particular, if combined with the Galaxy ecosystem – Watch3 becomes more powerful than ever. Users can control the phone remotely, play slides on the projector and then use the watch to interact with content without the need for other cumbersome devices. Take a photo on the phone by rotating the bezel to press take photo and review the photo. Easily pair with SmartTV devices to watch videos, Galaxy Buds headphones to listen to Spotify music. And there are many other gadgets when used with Samsung devices – Galaxy ecosystem. Watch3 makes connection more seamless, much smarter, and complementary. Help the owner to have comfort, efficiency in life, confidence to unleash creativity in work.

Experience Galaxy Watch3 with discounts up to 3.5 million

If you are looking to experience amazing technology on Galaxy Watch3 – this is definitely your best chance to come to life!


During the period from April 1 to April 15, Samsung continued to offer a discount of VND 3.5 million for Galaxy Watch3 products, along with 0% installment incentives and very special gifts.

Time takes place: By the end of April 15, 2021.

If you missed the last promotion, please be quicker next time. Shopping opportunities save millions.

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