Amazon launches NFT market – integrated e-commerce platform on April 24

Amazon launches NFT market – integrated e-commerce platform on April 24

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2023-03-06 22:06:43

E-commerce giant Amazon is ready to sell NFT on its website.

Amazon will integrate the NFT trading platform into its e-commerce platform on April 24

After months of development and many delays due to editing, the world’s leading e-commerce company has set a date to launch its NFT platform on April 24. The NFT collections will be available on Amazon’s website and can be viewed at the “Amazon Digital Marketplace” tab. With 15 collections initially launched, users will only be able to buy NFT from Amazon accounts via credit card.

The NFT service through the Amazon platform allows those who do not have access to a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask to purchase NFT. Initially, this new feature will only be available in the US and will gradually be expanded to other regions around the world.

With the launch of the NFT marketplace, Amazon takes another step into the Web3 ecosystem along with other giants like Meta and Google. Since last year, the company has shown a growing interest in Web3 technology with the recruitment of new job positions for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team.

In December 2022, Amazon also announced a new documentary film “NFTMe,” which showcases NFT featuring artists, collectors, and industry experts from around the world, who all share their NFT experiences.

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