American air purifier brand Levoit launched in Vietnam, attractive price

American air purifier brand Levoit launched in Vietnam, attractive price


2022-02-25 19:01:19

Launched in Vietnam market, Levoit brings its best-selling air purifier product line with 3 main models: Levoit Core™ 300S, Levoit Core™ 200S and Levoit Core™ Mini. In particular, Levoit Core™ 300S is the most upgraded version, equipped with a 3-layer filter core that captures up to 99.97% of fine dust with a size of 0.3 micrometers.

Core 300S 3-layer filter core includes:

  • Pre-filter: Removes large particles such as dust, lint, lint, hair and pet hair.
  • HEPA True H13 filter: with HEPASmart™ Technology captures up to 99.97% of small particles such as fine dust, smoke particles and allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and 99.99% of airborne bacteria, mold and viruses .
  • Activated carbon filter: captures and neutralizes smoke and odors from the kitchen, pets, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Core 300S series also adds smart features that work with multiple apps such as VeSync, Google Assistant™ and Alexa™, which provide up-to-date air quality metrics in real time, integrated with Timer mode, automatic mode, …

  • AirSight Plus sensor: Laser dust sensor with 10 times sensitivity than infrared dust sensor, wind speed will be automatically adjusted based on air quality, saving energy.
  • Aerodynamic propellers and VortexAir™ Technology – 360° zone filtration technology: cleans the air 5 times per hour in a space of 20.3m2.
  • QuietKEAP™ Technology Keep the noise level as low as 22dB, hardly make any noise, do not affect sleep.

Core 300S retains the smart modes of its predecessor, including: 3 fan speeds, screen lock, sleep mode and auto mode, filter status check notification and wifi connection. The VeSync app offers a user-friendly interface with features that display settings, filter life, and real-time air quality updates. The smart screen feature on the VeSync app allows users to set the air purifier mode to suit the surrounding conditions. Users can also easily connect the Core 300 to the Google Assistant™ or Amazon Alexa™ applications, optimizing the convenience of using the machine.

To meet the diverse needs of customers, besides CoreTM 300S, Levoit also offers two compact and smart products at lower prices, namely Levoit CoreTM 200S and CoreTM Mini with specifications and Compare features as follows:

VeSync Founder, President, and CEO, Grace Yang, said: “Now, more than ever, is the most important time to care about air quality, and this is also a priority. our first in Levoit. The health crisis coming from the COVID pandemic and the annual forest fires are gradually destroying the living environment and air quality for the community.


Levoit we are committed to helping users control the air quality inside the house. With the upgraded version of Core 300S equipped with more intelligent and optimized features, we believe that users can better control the air quality in their living space in a more convenient and up-to-date way.”


Integrating exclusive filtering technologies, saving power, beautiful design and minimizing noise, Levoit CoreTM 300S will be officially opened for sale exclusively at Dien May Xanh from March 1, 2022 with the price Retail: 4,990,000 VND. In particular, from March 1 to the end of March 6, 2022, the first 200 customers to order Levoit CoreTM 300S products online at Dien May Xanh will receive an attractive offer when immediately 20% off the main selling price. awake.

2- KV Levoit Core 300S

In addition, the Levoit CoreTM 200S and CoreTM Mini products will retail at VND 3,990,000 and VND 2,490,000 respectively. Both products are available for sale exclusively at Dien May Xanh.

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