America’s largest comic book studio is eyeing the NFT market

America’s largest comic book studio is eyeing the NFT market


2021-03-23 18:02:26

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DC Comics, the largest US comic book company, is considering whether to make a foray into the NFT market, according to a recent report.

Specifically, the source from Gizmodo said “DC Comics is looking to learn about NFT and at the same time consider this market’s potential for art ”.

“DC Comics is exploring opportunities to enter the NFT-related market of digital art distribution and sale.”

“The company also wants to create for the NFT market exclusively, digital art works bearing the style of DC’s paintings.”

NFTs are essentially digital certificates linked to a particular piece of art, with that data held in the form of a unique token on a blockchain network like Ethereum.

Comic artist José Delgo was involved in the creation and sale of the Wonder Woman-themed NFT collection, which subsequently raised $ 1.85 million, according to Decrypt.

Gizmodo noted, however, that the comic studio also seems to want to warn DC employees and freelancers about the release of NFTs bearing images of DC Comics characters:

“DC considers the complexity of the NFT market and should note that the offering of any digital image with DC intellectual property with or without NFT, whether displayed for publications by DC or displayed outside the scope of one’s contractual commitment to DC, is not allowed ”

It is not clear when DC will set the time to join the NFT, but surely with such a fertile market it is difficult to ignore, especially with a famous comic studio with many excellent works of art. like DC.

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