Andree and Wxrdie release the first NFT music product in Vietnam

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2021-05-15 01:27:41

Today, two rappers representing the New School style of Vietnamese Hiphop, Andree and Wxrdie, said they will release a special version of the song “Nhac Anh” in NFT form, becoming the first music product in Vietnam. Nam was launched using blockchain technology.

The first Vietnamese music product officially released in the form of NFT

In the context that blockchain technology is becoming more and more familiar to Internet users, along with the trend of being listener-centric when many big names in the music industry always want to find an exclusive product release channel. Instead of just using available online platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube, NFT has become the answer to this problem because of its superior features.

NFT is an acronym for Non-Fungible Token, which means that the coin cannot be copied or divided. The purpose of creating NFT is to use blockchain technology as a certificate of title for assets, such as digital collectibles, coupons, properties, stocks, and more.

Each NFT coin is a separate entity, representing a type of digital asset, created by an encrypted smart contract that makes them impossible to copy or separate. With this ultimate security mechanism, an artist can now sell a special edition of his album and “private” products that are not released on the internet with a range of benefits. Another special for the “superfan” that only this person can own.

Although the above NFT issuance method is still quite new in Vietnam, the “British Music” by Andree and Wxrdie, becoming the pioneer product officially released via blockchain technology will mark a big milestone for art pursuers, creating a premise for the development of Vietnamese artists to reach out on many platforms. not only in the music industry but also in other art products such as painting or digital art.

Vietnamese music is gradually changing to catch up with world trends not only in the way of composing and developing products, but also through the way of releasing and bringing products to reach audiences on multiple platforms. The people behind this project hope that after “English Music” becomes a pioneering product, it will become a remarkable milestone, becoming a driving force to encourage young artists to bring their products from music. Music, painting, design, etc. are widely developed and receive values ​​corresponding to their enthusiasm and artwork.

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