Android 12 enhances security by adding quick camera and microphone shutdown buttons

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2021-05-19 09:36:26

In addition to significant changes in the interface, Android 12 also has a number of additional features to ensure safety and privacy for users. This is something that Google learned from Apple with iOS 14.

Specifically, Android 12 will display indicators in the top right corner when an app is using the camera or microphone. That way, you’ll never have to worry about apps silently activating the camera or microphone.

Google even added two quick toggles that let you disable the camera and microphone completely so no apps can record or eavesdrop on you. These two new buttons are in Android 12’s quick settings, and when pressed, even the apps you’ve allowed access to the camera and microphone won’t be able to activate them.

Android 12 has a button to quickly turn off the camera and microphone

Google also included in Android 12 a new privacy dashboard called Privacy Dashboard. Here, you can control the information and data the apps are tracking, as well as the permissions the apps request to access.

The approximate location feature is also another privacy advantage of Android 12. When this feature is enabled, applications will not be able to know exactly where you are, but only determine your location. approximate, ambiguous way.

Google hopes that the improvements on Android 12 will bring a more comfortable, private experience for users. Now Android 12 beta 1 has been released and if you have a compatible device you can install and experience it right away.


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