Angry at the game’s changes, a young Chinese man conspires to assassinate Genshin Impact’s “father”

Angry at the game’s changes, a young Chinese man conspires to assassinate Genshin Impact’s “father”

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2021-04-27 07:40:34

Shanghai police recently arrested an individual believed to have planned to assassinate the founders of MiHoYo – a famous Chinese game development studio, behind popular titles like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact. 3.

Some witnesses said, on April 24, a man was said to have armed a knife and tried to infiltrate MiHoYo headquarters. Fortunately, there were no casualties, when this man was arrested by police shortly after entering the building.

Worth mentioning, the motive behind this person’s assassination is said to stem from recent changes with Honkai Impact 3rd – a popular mobile game also developed by MiHoYo. Accordingly, because he was too angry at MiHoYo’s moves, this young Chinese man planned to kill Mr. Cai Haoyu and Liu Wei – the co-founders of MiHoYo.

Mihoyo’s headquarters in Shanghai

It is known that Mihoyo recently released a music video called “Brilliant Bright” to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Honkai Impact 3rd. In the MV, Honkai Impact 3rd’s character Yae Sakura wore Bunny Girl outfits and performed sexy choreography.

However, the Brilliant Bright MV and the Bunny Girl skin set were quickly removed from Honkai Impact 3rd’s Chinese server, after MiHoYo encountered a backlash from gamers and national authorities. .

Specifically, many Chinese players affirmed that the aforementioned costume was disrespectful and “not consistent with fine customs” of this country. As a result, MiHoYo apologized and compensated the Chinese player Honkai Impact 3rd. Meanwhile, a segment of Chinese gamers felt angry that the rabbit costume continued to appear on Honkai Impact 3rd servers around the world.

Angry at the game's changes, a young Chinese man conspires to assassinate his father, Genshin Impact - Photo 2.

Before that, at the beginning of April, Mihoyo also faced a wave of protests from a part of Genshin Impact players. Specifically, more than 100,000 tweets and hashtags calling for a boycott of the game from miHoYo appeared on Twitter.

The reason for the boycott stems from a scene in the introduction video of the miHoYo office in Shanghai posted by the studio late last year. In the video, a miHoYo artist consulted Native American dance materials as material for the Hilichurls design – one of the main antagonistic races in Genshin Impact.

Although only available for a few seconds, this scene has led some Genshin Impact gamers from the US to accuse miHoYo of racist behavior and insulting Indians. However, there are still many objections from many gamers, when they think that a part of players are too sensitive and ‘overdoing’.


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