Animal classes in Axie Infinity, character class Axie Infinity

Animal classes in Axie Infinity, character class Axie Infinity

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2021-07-26 01:32:39

Axie Infinity is currently a cryptocurrency game that is gaining popularity thanks to the tagline “play for money”. Now players can download the game Axie Infinity to their smartphones, create an Axie Infinity account and buy animals and start their game.

You simply recharge and buy Axies, called pets or pets in the game, raise them and sell them for money or buy and sell land…

The pets in the game are divided into many different classes and they counter each other through specific stats. Based on the stats of these animal classes, you can help them fight more effectively, refer to the content below this article to know about the animal classes and character classes in Axie Infinity.

What are Axies classes?

Axies are your virtual pets in the game. Axie has different properties and one of them is base classes. There are 9 different Axie classes including:

  • Plant – Plants
  • Reptile – Reptile
  • Dusk – Darkness
  • Beast – Beast
  • Bug – Beetle
  • Mech – Technology
  • Aqua – Water
  • Bird – Birds
  • Dawn – Light

Each Axie class has different strengths and weaknesses, which is also a way to determine the role of the Axies in the team.

To ensure that the classes are balanced, there is a matching system in the game. Where a certain class of Axies may be stronger or weaker than others. Just like the sects of many MMORPG titles.

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Basic stats of Axies

pet axies

In addition to the class, the Axies also have additional properties such as:

  • Health: Axies’ health or the amount of damage they took before being killed
  • Speed: Speed, determines the order of the turn, the Axies with the higher speed stats will be attacked first.
  • Skills: Skill, increases damage dealt when Axies perform cards/moves or combos.
  • Morale: Increases the chance of being hit by a crit, which is also a stat that allows Axies to attack several more times before being killed.

Each Axies gets a total of 140 stat points distributed across the 4 attributes above depending on their base class.

Eg: Plant – Plants usually have high health, perfect for defense. Meanwhile, Beast – Monsters have high Morale stats and low health, making them an Axies specializing in attacks from the back line.

What are the body parts of Axies?

axies pet

In addition to the classes, Axies also have 6 different body parts:

  • Eyes
  • Ear
  • Horn
  • Mouth
  • Back
  • Tail

Each part of Axies belongs to a specific class of Axies and they add additional stats depending on that class.

  • Plant – 3 HP + 1 Morale
  • Aqua – 3 Speed ​​+ 1 HP
  • Reptile – 3 HP + 1 Speed
  • Beast – 3 Morale + 1 Speed
  • Bug – 3 Morale + 1 HP
  • Bird – 3 Speed ​​+ 1 Morale

Axies may have different combinations of parts from different grades. This is what makes each Axie unique.

What is Axie’s Skill/Card?

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Each Axies has 4 different skills that they can use in battle. Presented as a card. There are a total of 132 skills / cards in the game, each skill will depend on different parts of the pet’s body such as horns, mouth, back and tail that they have.

The skills are very diverse, for example it can deal more damage to the enemy team. Or can also be used for defense, such as healing the Axies on the team or stealing energy from the enemy team’s pets.

pet axies infinity

A good pet must have a balanced skill set to help them perform their role effectively. For example, attacking Axies can have skills that help deal more damage while defensive Axies should have healing or defensive skills that help the team last longer.

How should you start with pets in Axies Infinity?

pet axies infinity

Your purchase of Axies is not only for entertainment but also as investments with AXS tokens. The Axies have skyrocketed in price, players used to be able to start from $5 to $10. Currently, the minimum price for an Axie is around $200, so players need to spend $600 to buy at least three Axies at the start.

Axies can also spawn, they can spawn 7 times before becoming sterile. What you need most is two wallets and some Ethereum (ETH) before you can buy your first pet.

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