Apple accused of insulting stutterers

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2021-07-07 23:06:56

Stuttering organizations are condemning Apple for allowing some devices to automatically suggest a drunken face (woozy face) when typing the word “stammering” in English or “stammering” in Vietnamese. Stammering is a word used to describe stuttering, and Apple’s actions are deemed offensive and hurtful to stutterers.

People with stuttering have a neurological problem that prevents them from speaking normally. In addition, normal people can also stutter when stressed, scared… Some famous people with stuttering are US President Joe Biden, Marilyn Monroe and Samuel Jackson.

Apple accused of insulting stutterers

Meanwhile, according to the Unicode standard, the woozy face symbol is used to represent drunkenness or other insanity. The suggestion of woozy face for the stuttering phrase seems like a mistake on Apple’s part.

The British Stuttering Association (STAMM) encourages users to submit a report through Apple’s product feedback page if they find their iPhone suggests an inappropriate symbol.

“This is insulting and hurtful. Stuttering is something some people say. Don’t shame them by taking stuttering as a joke. It can embarrass them about the way they pronounce it, victimized or may affect their mental health, career and relationships”. Jane Powell, CEO of STAMM, vehemently condemns Apple.

Apple has yet to make a statement on this matter. CHK’s test on iPhone X with iOS 15 beta 2 installed shows that the problem is still unresolved.


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