Apple adds an extremely useful photo editing feature to iOS 15 beta 4

Apple adds an extremely useful photo editing feature to iOS 15 beta 4

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2021-08-05 13:20:17

It’s been two months since Apple released iOS 15 and there’s a lot of new things about this iPhone operating system that have yet to be discovered. Recently, a Reddit user discovered that iOS 15 beat 4 can automatically remove lens flare in photos when processing photos in post-production.

This is also confirmed by the famous photography application developer Halide. On his Twitter, Halide posted a photo showing the ability to remove lens flare of iOS 15 beta 4.

Other Reddit users also confirmed that the iPhone XS, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with iOS 15 beta 4 installed are capable of post-processing and removing lens flare in photos. It’s currently unclear whether older iPhone models will have this capability because many of the features on iOS 15 are only available to iPhones with the A12 Bionic chip or newer.

This new feature shows that Apple can improve the iPhone camera while maintaining the realism of the photo. Apple has always followed the philosophy that image processing software is more important than camera hardware, and it seems they were right.

On iOS 15, Apple also brought many new camera features to FaceTime. Now, when calling FaceTime you can choose portrait mode (Portrait Mode) to blur everything around your body and face.

iOS 15 is currently still in beta testing. According to the annual schedule, iOS 15 will be released to all users using compatible devices as soon as the new iPhone is released.


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