Apple extends independent repair services beyond the warranty system to all countries where Apple products are sold, including Vietnam.

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2021-03-30 13:53:58

Repairing an Apple product usually involves directly sourcing genuine parts from the Apple Store or a contracting third-party company. Recently, Apple announced the expansion of independent repair services to nearly all countries where Apple products are sold.

That means repair service providers can sign up to source genuine parts from Apple and provide repair services to customers. Users can go to these service providers instead of having to go through the genuine Apple warranty system as before.

Previously, independent repair service was only offered by Apple in the US, Canada, and Europe. According to the latest announcement from Apple, repair service providers in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and some Asian countries will be able to apply starting this week. Many more countries (around 200 countries), including China, will be able to start registering later this year.

Independent repair providers will have to register with Apple to participate. However, once approved, they can only buy a limited number of components from Apple, including batteries, monitors and diagnostic tools.

As a result, local repairers will only be able to fix common problems, like replacing batteries or replacing a genuine screen. Other defects, or more specific parts, will be through Apple’s warranty system, or one of Apple’s authorized service providers.

Participation in Apple’s independent repair services program also comes with a contract, which allows Apple to check repair shops and possibly penalize if a problem is found. Apple could be fined $ 1,000 if it finds stores using non-genuine parts.

Reference: theverge

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