Apple generated revenue of more than $ 89.6 billion in Q1 / 2021

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2021-04-30 02:16:01

In the first three months of the year, products such as iPhone, iPad … and a variety of online services from Apple brought in huge revenue.

Apple has just released its Q1 / 2021 financial statements with surprising numbers. Accordingly, only in the first 3 months of 2021, “defective apple” has earned 89.6 billion USD with a profit of 23.6 billion USD. This is much larger than at the same time last year, when Apple only made $ 58.3 billion and made a profit of $ 11.25 billion.

Apple sales report

Apple’s success far surpasses any prediction made by experts. Apple’s report shows that this revenue is the highest ever, even with two not so prominent products, Mac computers and services. Apple’s gross profit margin for the quarter was 42.5%.

Four iPhone 12 models are considered to be Apple’s growth engines

Apple’s success has largely come from four new iPhone 12 models. These products alone brought in $ 47.9 billion. Right behind is services with 16.9 billion USD. The later launch of the iPhone 12 compared to previous years is said to be the cause of Apple’s sales growth in Q1 / 2021.

Currently, Apple has not revealed its plans for the second quarter, but with the launch of a series of new products such as AirTags, iMac, the new iPad pro running the M1 chip, Apple’s Q2 / 2021 may continue to record sales. terrible.


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