Apple has added the App Tracking Transparency feature to prevent Tiktok tracking

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2021-07-12 12:17:45

(CHK) App Tracking Transparency or ATT for short is a feature that gives you the choice, whether or not to share data for the application.

This is a new feature when iPhone users update to iOS 14.5 version, every time they log in to an application after updating new software, iFan will see a new notification window that is a notification about Integrity in the tracking transparency of the application.

Most applications and websites today track users’ habits, then display ads accordingly. However, with the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, you can completely limit being tracked by third parties.

After this feature was launched, up to 96% of users in the US used it because they did not want to be tracked by Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed displeasure when he learned that Apple allows users to opt out of being tracked. This is also not surprising given that Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2020 is about 84 billion USD.


To deal with this new Apple feature, TikTok has used a new algorithm to collect user data, called CAID for short. However, Apple has decided to reject TikTok updates that contain CAIDs. This shows that Apple is serious about promoting privacy on the iPhone and other devices in the company’s ecosystem.

User information is a bargain to sell, Apple even calls “user data a product” so it must be protected. That’s why Apple added a new feature, asking you if you want to allow or not share your data for apps.


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