Apple invites former BMW executive to work on electric car project?

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2021-06-16 07:50:40

It is likely that Ulrich will assist Apple engineers in building electric vehicles, but there is no official confirmation from Apple at the moment.

Ulrich Krantz is one of the leaders with many years of experience at BMW. He has been with the company for 30 years, most of the time engaged in electric vehicle development.

In particular, Ulrich is also the leader of the development team of BMW’s i3 and i8 models. In 2016, he left the German automaker and founded Canoo, a start-up that develops car models for the purpose of car sharing and rental. But in April, Ulrich unexpectedly announced his resignation.

Bloomberg’s reporters revealed that Ulrich’s move to Apple clearly implied the company’s plans to build electric cars. The source confirmed that the former BMW exec will work alongside former Tesla chief executive Doug Field, who was involved in the development of the Model 3.

Apple invites former BMW executive to work on electric car project?  - Photo 2.

Former BMW CEO Ulrich Kranz

Apple is said to have started producing its own car models in 2014 but for unknown reasons shelved the idea in 2016, then focused on developing automotive software. Apple wants to sell the software to third-party companies and use it on car models.

Recently, however, Apple seems to have returned to its own car development project. In January 2021, rumors about the possibility of cooperation between Apple and Hyundai in the development of an electric car appeared, but then, the Korean manufacturer denied the information. It wouldn’t be surprising, though, if one day Apple launches a truly electric car.

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