Apple is ambitious to build its own Metaverse like Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta

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2022-11-22 08:18:45

Apple has taken the first steps to develop a second Horizon Worlds.

Apple’s Metaverse Will Serve Its Virtual Reality Products

A report from Bloomberg shows that Apple is now starting to implement its “3D mixed reality world” plan and has people knowledgeable in the field. in addition to the big plans for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) headsets, where AR headsets could be launched next spring, which CEO Tim Cook likened to “the next big thing”. , Apple seems to be showing signs of eyeing building its own virtual universe platform (metaverse).

Apple is in the process of developing the long-awaited and rumored mixed reality headset. The product is likely to be launched as early as 2023, Bloomberg said.

Specifically, in the latest Power On news, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has made new revelations about the plan of VR / AR glasses that Apple is cherishing as a virtual world similar to Apple’s own metaverse and applications. Custom video for VR/AR glasses.

According to the company’s recruitment directory, the Technology Development Group (TDG), which specializes in developing mixed reality devices, is about to undergo a major change.

Apple wants to find new people to develop a dedicated video service for glasses with 3D images playing in virtual reality, adding to the team NextVR acquired in 2020.

At the same time, engineers capable of working with development tools with VR and AR are also being sought by Apple. The technology company expects the upcoming realityOS operating system to use the App Intents API to have Siri and Shortcuts like on iOS 16, Mark Gurman said.

In particular, the group also recruited more staff for the development of 3D mixed reality world. This shows that Apple is ambitious to build a virtual world similar to Metaverse or Horizon Worlds of Meta. But the space of Horizon Worlds only appears on VR, and Apple will “connect all user experiences in 3D mixed reality” using AR glasses.

However, the author of the report believes that the term metaverse will not be used by Apple and will use a different name to avoid “collusion”.

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