Apple may traditionally launch the iPhone 13 in September

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2021-05-11 00:00:39

Foxconn’s iPhone assembly plant is ramping up production which could be a sign that Apple will soon launch the iPhone 13 in September as traditionally.

According to SCMP, Foxconn’s factories in Zhengzhou, China are increasing bonuses for new workers. This is a sign that they are actively manufacturing iPhones for Apple.

Specifically, a new employee can receive a non-salary bonus of 7500 yuan (nearly 27 million) if they work for 90 days with at least 55 workdays. This is the highest increase since the beginning of the year until now at the “factory iPhone”. In April, the bonus was less than 1000 yuan.

Last year Foxconn’s bonus for iPhone assembly workers also reached 9,000 yuan in August and September. As a result, Apple launched a new series of iPhone 12 in October – slower than traditionally in September. The slowdown has been attributed to a shortage of chips to assemble that led to Apple not having enough stockpiles for the launch.

Analysts said that Apple probably learned from last year, so it asked Foxconn to proceed with assembling iPhone 13 earlier. This helps Apple maintain its tradition of launching products in the fall (September) from which to achieve better product sales during the year-end shopping season.

Foxconn’s early production of new iPhones also shows that Apple seems to have taken care of enough chips for the assembly of the iPhone 13. Currently, the iPhone 13 is rumored to have a big notch and a miniature notch, the camera will also be bigger and Monitor refresh rate up to 120 Hz.


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