Apple thinks the notch is a smart design for users to have more space on the new MacBook Pro screen

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2021-10-30 07:31:30

In a recent interview, an Apple executive said that the notch design on the new MacBook Pro is a smart way to give users more space to display more content on the screen, while allowing Apple can design thinner screen bezels.

The change in MacBook Pro screen design with notch is really a surprise for all users. Right after the launch event ended, there were many people criticizing and mocking the notch design on the new MacBook Pro.

To explain Apple’s sudden change, Mac product line manager Shruti Haldea said: “What we did was make the screen taller and put the menu bar up there. So it’s really a smart way to give you more space to display the main content.”

Compared to previous MacBook Pro designs, the newly launched 14-inch and 16-inch models have significantly smaller screen borders. Apple says the screen border on the left and right sides is 24% thinner than the previous generation, only 3.5mm. Meanwhile, the top edge is up to 60% thinner, only 3.5mm.

Although the notch with the camera will attract a lot of attention, it can make users feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the eyes. But Apple is betting on user experience and new features. Apple also says that developers can change their apps to take advantage of the notch to display more information, or where the app’s menu is located.

The notch design is just one of many new changes to the MacBook Pro. The two new MacBook Pro models are also equipped with extremely powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, adding more connectivity ports such as HDMI, SD card slot and MagSafe charging port, miniLED screen with ProMotion.

Reference: macrumors

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