Apple Watch, AirPods revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3 quý

Apple Watch, AirPods revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3 quý


2021-07-28 15:42:37

(CHK) After trailing both Mac and iPad sales in Apple’s last quarter, revenue from wearable devices including the Apple Watch has now surpassed both.

Not only witnessing a strong increase in service revenue, Q3 was also a quarter where Apple had strong growth with wearable devices such as watches and headphones.

The company’s figures show a significant increase in revenue from the sale of items officially classified as Wearables, Home Appliances and Accessories. With $8.8 billion, far higher than last year’s $6.5 billion and $7.8 billion last quarter.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “This was another very strong quarter for home appliances and accessories, which set a new quarterly record by helping people find exciting ways to stay entertained and connected at home and at home. like on the go”.

He continued: “Apple Watch remains the top choice for users to stay healthy and achieve their fitness goals. And our newest accessory AirTag is receiving enthusiastic feedback from customers. , making the My Search network more useful than ever, while protecting user privacy.”

Outstanding revenue of Apple wearables segment

Apple CFO Luca Maestri said 75% of Apple Watch buyers in the third quarter were new to the platform.

In the second quarter, wearable sales fell behind the iPad’s $7.8 billion, but significantly below the Mac’s $9.1 billion. However, the latest quarter’s figures show a very different picture, with the iPad at $7.4 billion and the Mac at $8.2 billion.

This rapid growth suggests that forecasts for Apple’s wearable sales slowdown are premature. Looking at the numbers, it can be seen that there is a huge trend of new users landing on Apple products.


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