Apple Watch SE ‘cheap’ 2022 with a series of expected upgrades

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2022-05-08 01:57:25

(CHK) The cheapest Apple Watch in the Apple family has appeared with a series of highly anticipated upgrades.

Apple Watch SE 2022 is an upgraded version of the Apple Watch SE series launched in 2020, which can also be seen as a shortened version of the configuration compared to the current Apple Watch lines and sold at a cheaper price. . This year, Apple will also bring users a completely new version with many notable upgrades.

According to LeaksApplePro, Apple Watch SE 2022 will not change much in design and size, however, the configuration parameters will be fully upgraded. In particular, the device has an Always on display screen (the screen is always on), a very popular feature with Apple Watch users. The processor is upgraded to be more powerful with Apple S7 processor chip, equipped with an ECG heart rate monitor sensor, supports fast charging.


In terms of price, Apple Watch SE 2022 will have a slightly increased selling price compared to its predecessor version by 20 USD compared to the version launched in 2020, which is about 299 USD (about 6.8 million VND). Launched in September 2022, at the same time as the iPhone 14 Series. Meanwhile, Apple Watch Series 8 is likely to have a big change in design, the device still owns the familiar square-faced screen, but the edges are finished with square corners similar to iPhone 12 and 13. Series.

With a series of impressive upgrades above, will you own the cheapest smart watch from the Apple family?

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