Apple Watch Series 8 will have a blood glucose sensor

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2021-10-28 13:13:16

According to Macrumors, a new report coming from industry sources claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 may feature blood glucose monitoring. For a while, this feature was rumored for the Apple Watch Series 7, but it didn’t happen and now industry sources are claiming that it could happen with the Series 8.

Components for blood glucose monitoring on Apple Watch in development

A report released by DigiTimes sources confirms that Apple and its suppliers have been working on short-wavelength infrared sensors. This sensor is a type of sensor commonly used for medical devices.

These sensors that the tech giant Apple is working on, potentially fitted on the back of the Apple Watch, will allow the smartwatch to measure the wearer’s blood sugar without drawing blood like other devices. usual method.

Apple has maintained its focus on adding health-related metrics and sensors to the Apple Watch, and it has received more comprehensive health features. While the Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t bring new sensors, its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6, did bring a brand new blood oxygen sensor.

The challenge of the new sensor

In the past, blood sugar monitoring was rumored for the Apple Watch Series 7, but apparently, the health-related feature wasn’t ready at the time. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​non-invasive blood sugar monitoring on the Apple Watch, along with other useful features.

However, implementing this feature is not without its challenges. According to The WSJ, Apple is having a hard time incorporating blood glucose monitoring into the Apple Watch.

Right now, diabetics and people with other blood sugar related diseases need to check their blood glucose levels by taking blood samples and using medical equipment for the results. However, Apple wants to take these measurements non-invasively, meaning there’s no need to poke your finger or take a blood sample to get a reading.

If non-invasive, Apple’s new sensor will certainly have to be very accurate because it is directly related to the user’s health. If there is a problem with the user’s health due to tracking by the Apple watch, things will certainly become complicated.


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