Apple’s 4NM process M2 chip coming next year, 3NM process coming in 2023

Apple’s 4NM process M2 chip coming next year, 3NM process coming in 2023

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2021-12-27 09:41:07

Apple began switching from Intel’s purchased chips to in-house Apple Silicon chips last year with the MacBook line. So far, the company has launched 3 chips for Mac based on ARM architecture.

Just recently, a new report claims that the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on a successor to all three existing chips that will be named Apple M2, M2 Pro and M2 Max, and also shared some information about the new chip.

Additionally, citing information from supply chain industry sources, the report adds that the company will update its Apple Silicon product line every 18 months in the future.

It is reported that Apple will launch the first M2 processor codenamed Staten in the second half of 2022 and in the first half of 2023, there will be a new M2X processor codenamed Rhodes. There will be M2 Pro and M2 Max chips with different graphics cores.

All of the chips in Apple Silicon’s M2 product line will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) using the 4nm process. There is also speculation that the successor of the M2 series, likely the M3 series, will be manufactured using TSMC technology. 3nm process.

Apple’s upcoming M2 chip series will be used on 6 products of this brand, it is said that MacBook will be equipped with M2 processor while MacBook Pro series will have M2 options. Pro and M2 Max.

Similarly, the iMac will be powered by the M2 chipset while the iMac Pro will come with the M2 Pro and M2 Max. There is also a Mac Mini with an M2 processor, and a Mac Pro equipped with an M2 Pro and M2 Max. It is not excluded that the most advanced iPad Pro will also come with a new chip.

It is expected that the M2 chip will likely appear during Apple’s spring purchase event ie around April 2022. Let’s wait for the most attractive things that Apple can bring to users.


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