APYSwap (APYS) cooperates with DexLab

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2021-05-23 11:08:44

APYSwap is pleased to introduce its new project partner, DexLab. APYSwap believes that Solana Blockchain offers great scalability and can achieve high transaction speeds with reasonable fees, which is what the current market desperately needs. Therefore, projects that are oriented to support the Solana protocol are becoming extremely important to the ecosystem.

APYSwap (APYS) cooperates with DexLab

DexLab’s unique technology focuses on addressing current barriers to entry into the Solana Blockchain. They created a hub where Solana users can create and list SPL and NFT tokens with a simple one-click solution. What is even more impressive is that DexLab is working to facilitate the transformation of Asian businesses that are not yet blockchain-savvy with the opportunity to participate in the Solana ecosystem.

At APYSwap, the project views cross-chain operability as imperative for the future of the DeFi ecosystem. By joining forces with DexLab, APYSwap gives them their expertise when it comes to cross-chain bridges, using the recently launched Solana bridge. This way, the businesses they include as well as the listed projects will be able to expand access to chains, increase available liquidity in the DeFi sector, and minimize costs on congested networks. congestion.

About DexLab

DexLab is a decentralized exchange that supports cross-chain trading so that customers can make transactions at the time and price they desire. DexLab is built on the Solana blockchain, leveraging an interoperability solution between tokens. DexLab targets the best Solana projects, allowing them to create and list tokens on DexLab.

About APYSwap

APYSwap (APYS) is a protocol for decentralized cross-chain exchange of Tokenized Vault shares. Leveraging layer-2 blockchain technology, APYSwap enables trading with tokenized yields on multiple layer-1 blockchains. With APYSwap, active DeFi portfolio managers can create special combinations of liquidity providers and yield farming as well as other tokens and transfer divisible shares of portfolios this to a third party.

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