Arrears and fines VND 31 billion for an individual with huge income from Google who “forgot” to pay taxes

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2022-07-04 18:03:58

At the Tax Conference for the 6 months of 2022 held on the afternoon of June 30, Mr. Thai Minh Giao, Deputy Director of the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City, said that in the past time, the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City has handled 38 people with income from Google with the amount of tax handling arrears, fines and late payment interest is up to 169 billion VND.

Notably, there is an individual who has a great income from Google, but “forgets” not to pay tax, is arrears and fined 31 billion VND by the District 7 – Nha Be Regional Tax Department. In addition, the tax authority handled 3 businesses with arrears, fines and late payment interest of 327 million VND.

A representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department said that through inspection, the tax agency discovered a partner company of a foreign supplier Google in Vietnam that is responsible for managing YouTube channels that produce digital content themselves in Vietnam. Nam with arrears and fines of 24.3 billion VND.

The collection process is based on information provided by 4 commercial banks, organizations and individuals that generate income from Google with a total amount of over 51.2 million USD and 21.4 billion VND from abroad. .

“Through the inspection of 3 partner companies, the tax authorities have exploited more domestic organizations and individuals to provide online services to foreign organizations that have not yet made tax declaration and payment, to check, handling tax arrears”, Mr. Thai Minh Giao informed.

According to a representative of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department, in order to effectively manage tax collection, this agency proposed the City People’s Committee to ask the State Bank to direct banks to provide data on remittance transactions from abroad to Vietnam. for domestic organizations and individuals. At the same time, require banks to be responsible for withholding tax payable by foreign organizations that generate income in Vietnam from providing cross-border services such as Google, Apple, Netflix, Agoda, Booking.. . before transferring money abroad.

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