As long as the product is good, Vietnamese people will support VinFast electric cars

As long as the product is good, Vietnamese people will support VinFast electric cars


2023-05-21 11:54:44

On May 17, Vingroup held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2023. At the meeting, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of the group spent most of the time answering questions related to its operations. of electric car company VinFast.

Vuong said that since joining VinFast, he has received many questions about why he chose to manufacture cars, especially electric cars when this is a difficult field, must start from numbers. 0.

According to Vingroup’s chairman, there are two important reasons for him to do VinFast. The first is due to Vingroup’s need to contribute to society and the country, not simply business. “We are a large, successful and capable enterprise, so we must contribute to the country. Contribution here is to build a high-tech, high-class, influential, and interested brand in the international arena. economy,” said Mr. Vuong.

Mr. Vuong affirmed that making VinFast is not simply a business story to make money: “If business makes money, Vingroup leaders are not foolish to rush into such difficult and arduous fields. If it is easy, it is not our turn. We do it, how many businesses have done it. We do VinFast to show our social responsibility, show patriotism, not to calculate”.

The second reason is that the opportunity of the green revolution is huge. The current VinFast team is getting stronger and stronger, really mastering technology. VinFast will be a potential project, later will be the best project of Vingroup.

Mr. Vuong is confident that the financial situation of VinFast will be greatly improved in 2024 and 2025 when production increases.

Regarding the car production plan, VinFast is expected to cover all the A B C D E range by August, and will become the first company to have a full range of products for all car segments. VinFast will soon launch a new line of super small cars with a very beautiful design. Besides, VinFast also studies trucks, showing its determination to become the world’s leading electric vehicle company, not ignoring anything if the market needs it.

Regarding competitors such as Chinese electric cars, Mr. Vuong said that “river water does not violate well water”. Chinese electric vehicles cannot occupy 100% of the market because even in China, there are still foreign electric car companies selling well.

In Vietnam, Mr. Vuong is confident that with good products, Vietnamese people will support VinFast electric cars and Vingroup’s ecosystem will effectively support VinFast, helping VinFast compete better with other car manufacturers. As for the price, it will depend on the tastes of each consumer, some people are suitable, some people are not suitable, some people like it, some people don’t like it.

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