Asian mobile game and app store for free

Asian mobile game and app store for free


2021-04-01 00:05:42

  • Free software
  • Version: 2.4.7
  • Update date: 11/5/2020
  • Platform: Android

Download TapTap

TapTap is a free mobile video game store that allows you to easily download and play multiple mobile games in other languages. This app store has a lot of Asian games and apps, especially apps from China.

It’s a great platform to use if you want to access foreign games that aren’t offered in most of the popular app stores, or if you’re looking for games in your native language.

What is Tap Tap?

When it comes to mobile apps, you often think of two famous stores: Google Play Store and Apple App Store. These two platforms are trustworthy platforms that enable developers and publishers to deliver their products. Naturally, both stores have English as the default language as they cater to a global audience, regardless of the origin of the app. However, this can make it difficult for people who are not good at English.

Fortunately for Asian users, they can download non-English apps through TapTap, another platform that offers a variety of Asian mobile apps. The default language above is Chinese, but you can easily change it to Japanese, Korean, and even English (if you are familiar with it). However, the majority of the app portfolio is filled with native language apps and games from many Asian countries, so you won’t be able to change the language within the app easily there.

The great thing about this platform is that it offers the features you’d expect from most downloadable platforms, and they’re all organized to create an intuitive interface. Available in 5 main parts: Home, Discover, Moments, Rankings and Thư viện. You can find popular new apps, trending apps and even internal collections Discover. While, Moments there are recommendations and groups. If you like ranking statistics, Rankings lists everything from highest to lowest.

TapTap is a free mobile video game app store

How do I download games from TapTap?

TapTap is very community-oriented, relying on the player’s opinion to rate the app correctly. You can easily judge how good or bad a game or application is by reading the user reviews displayed on each product page. However, since the majority of the target user is Asian, most of these reviews are written in their language and cannot be translated just by changing the language settings.

Downloading apps from this store is pretty easy. Just go to the application page and click Install or price tag button. This mobile version ignores the QR code scan request that the TapTap website will issue upon download, making things even easier. However, this convenience is sometimes not too great, as TapTap will sometimes use social media platforms that you might not use to sign in, such as WeChat and QQ.

Not a bad choice

Overall, TapTap is a great alternative for anyone who wants to get Asian games and apps in their default language. While it can sometimes get in trouble if you don’t know all the languages ​​on offer and don’t actually use some of the app’s favorite social networking sites, this app store still offers features. User-centric to help you find the right mobile application you need.


  • There is a wide range of apps and games for mobile devices in Asia
  • The application can be downloaded directly to your device
  • Show a preview of the game’s gameplay
  • There are community-focused options


  • Language setting cannot translate user reviews
  • Will sometimes require login using Chinese social networking apps


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