Asus begins to release Windows 11 compatible firmware, users pay attention

Asus begins to release Windows 11 compatible firmware, users pay attention

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2021-08-05 09:14:22

Although Windows 11 has not been officially released, the preview version of this new operating system is being tested by many users around the world. This is the right time for hardware vendors, including motherboard manufacturers, to focus on developing and releasing firmware updates and other related software that enhance their performance. Windows 11 compatibility on its products.

Asus is one of the typical names. Just a short time after Microsoft announced Windows 11, the Taiwanese manufacturer immediately released a list of compatible motherboards (pictured below), including AMD and Intel. These are all products that support Windows 11 because they already have a compatible Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 module by default.

Similar to the hardware issue, Asus has just made an announcement that it has started releasing compatible firmware versions for all the motherboard models listed above. Notably, there will also be a lot more new models added to the list of Asus motherboards compatible with Windows 11. This is definitely what a lot of users of this manufacturer’s motherboards have been waiting for. .

Asus says the new BIOS will automatically enable TPM on AMD systems, or Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in the case of Intel. However, not all of its current motherboard models will receive such an update. There are many models still in the process of testing and evaluation. For those who receive the update, a message will be displayed in the changelog saying:

Support WIN 11 installed or upgraded

In case you want to check if the model you own has received the new BIOS compatible with Windows 11, visit the Asus homepage here. You will see a list of motherboard models with the corresponding Windows 11 support software available for download. You can go through the list one by one, or just press “Ctrl + F” and enter the model name of the motherboard model you are using for a quick search. If you have an AMD system, make sure you select the “AMD Platform” tab.

If you are not sure what motherboard model you are using, you can try running “msinfo32” or “System Information” to find the information. Third-party tools like CPU-Z can also make it easy to look up this information.


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