AZDIGI Launches Turbo Business Hosting

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2021-11-26 06:37:18

Thus, it can be seen that 4.0 technology infrastructure will be the launching pad for economic recovery and growth in the near future. However, the great opportunity comes with many challenges, requiring businesses to look at investment methodically and seriously to prepare for the wave of development from 2022.

And one of the important systems for an enterprise’s e-commerce infrastructure is a stable and high-speed website that can reach more than 68 million internet users in Vietnam (according to: Hootsuite’s Digital Vietnam 2021 statistics).

Optimal solutions for leading websites

With experience in serving and optimizing for hundreds of thousands of websites, AZDIGI always understands the difficulties that businesses always face when operating websites. Therefore, the Research and Development (R&D) department at AZDIGI has pioneered to bring the most suitable products for businesses in the current information technology boom, which is a service called Turbo. Business Hosting with many leading technologies applied today.

Turbo Business Hosting is the solution to help your business’ high-traffic sales website always reach the highest speed and load well for uninterrupted website, thanks to some of the best technologies in both hardware and software applied. use.

NVMe U.2 RAID-10 . Hard Drive

With high-speed hard drive up to 9000 MB/s compared to 400MB/s of conventional SSD hard drives. The NVMe hard drive standard specializes in handling large amounts of data written to the website’s database to help the website speed up better and secure data with the integrated RAID-10.

Xeon Platinum CPU

Application of Intel’s latest and most powerful 2nd generation Xeon Platinum processors on the market with Turbo Boots speed of 3.9GHz and a total of nearly 100 processor cores, helping to increase load capacity by shortening processing times management of webserver and processing time of website source code.

Dell Dedicated Servers

To be able to meet the requirement to support at least 8 NVMe U.2 hard drives to set up RAID-10. Dell Dedicated Servers are also fully compatible with Scalable series processors to use Xeon Platinum processors.

Exclusive AZDIGI Turbo Technology

The server is fine-tuned synchronously from hardware to software, in order to achieve maximum processing performance for a comprehensive website, caching technologies in the memory system will maximize efficiency with 2933Mhz RAM. elevation is built into the server.

Choose a reputable, experienced company

With rich experience and in-depth knowledge, AZDIGI is always proud to be the trend leader in website solutions in the market with outstanding servers and stable network infrastructure.

AZDIGI said that the more data a website has or a high traffic volume, the need for a powerful Web Hosting service to meet the load-bearing needs of the website, especially an e-commerce website. Turbo Business Hosting is the leading premium Web Hosting service with a completely private IP address as a server, overcoming most website problems with the most outstanding configuration.

Coming to AZDIGI, customers will always be supported by a professionally trained technical team available 24/7, bringing absolute peace of mind that has created the AZDIGI brand for more than 5 years.

With a dedicated 4-tier support mechanism, customer issues will always be handled promptly and definitively with a commitment to respond within 15 minutes when sending a support request via email or support ticket.

On the occasion of the launch of the new product package Turbo Business Hosting, AZDIGI is grateful to customers for super great deals (Program application period until December 31):

  • Free 01 bottle of Chanel Platinum Égoïste perfume (EDT) with a capacity of 100ml for new customers who register for Turbo BH-3 service from 01 year.
  • Give away 01 bottle of Chanel Platinum Égoïste (EDT) perfume with a capacity of 50ml for new customers who register for Turbo BH-2 service from 1 year.
  • Get 1 free Microsoft 365 Business Basic account for 1 year when you sign up for Turbo BH-1 service for 1 year or more.

Besides, AZDIGI will also have a super promotion on the occasion of Black Friday 2021 on November 25, 2021.

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