Baidu Technology Corporation announces metaverse project, allowing users to create identities

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2021-12-30 16:09:26

Baidu, one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence development and technology companies, has just announced its own metaverse virtual universe project. Named Xi Rang (roughly translated as Hy Pyongyang: land of hope), the city will be a virtual space that allows the user’s self – avatar to freely explore, travel and participate in activities. virtual motion.

The first city of the promised land of Hy Pyongyang called Creator City, roughly translated as City of the Creator, will contain a variety of exploration, entertainment and creative activities for participants.

Illustration of the virtual universe Hy Pyongyang.

Baidu claims that users will be able to access the platform through smartphones, computers or virtual reality headsets. They officially opened this digital universe today, December 27th local time, but still insist that the product is still incomplete. As with other similar projects, technical conundrums still surround virtual universes that are still in their infancy.

The video below made by SCMP can help you visualize Pyongyang more easily:

Hy Pyongyang – metaverse created by Baidu will soon reach users.

According to CNBC, the executive director of the Hy Pyongyang project is not very optimistic about the prospect of success of the metaverse. According to Ma Jie, vice president of Baidu, the development of Hy Pyongyang only started in December last year, and the project will not be able to officially launch for the next six years.

According to Baidu, the app that allows users to access Pyongyang will not support cryptocurrency technology, nor will it allow users to exchange digital assets.

Baidu Technology Group announced the metaverse project, allowing users to create themselves - avatars to adventure in the virtual world - Photo 3.

President Ma Jie gave a presentation on the metaverse project.

Alvin Graylin, president of HTC – a company that develops smartphones and virtual reality technology, said that it will take 5-10 years for the technology industry to perfect the metaverse. “As for the products and services that are included in the metaverse, the pieces that make them up will soon emerge,” Graylin said.

He continued: “Most likely, the key challenge that prevents us from building a metaverse ecosystem will not lie in a specific technology or product, but more on infrastructure, in addition to international legal consensus. economy and global standards“.

It will take a collaborative global effort, between companies and governments, for the promise of the metaverse to come true“. President Graylin believes that for the metaverse to be successful, it is necessary to apply tax laws and increase the coverage of high-speed cloud computing in the future. the-gioi-ao-202112271505589.chn


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