BBC President Invested in a Russian Cryptocurrency Company

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2022-08-18 15:07:04

Richard Sharp, the current Chairman of BBC – the world’s oldest and largest national news agency is reported to have made an investment in a Russian cryptocurrency company.

Richard Sharp a former banker – currently serving as BBC President from February 2021, is said to have invested in a crypto-related business founded by a foreign company through a foreign company. Russian tycoon. Interestingly, this financier was on the list of sanctions due to the unending conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Follow The Guardianin 2019, Mr. Sharp used a company called ABCP GP Ltd. registered in the Cayman Islands to invest in a crypto-related business called Atomyze. Atomyze company was founded in Switzerland by Vladimir Potanin – Former First Deputy Prime Minister, and a famous Russian financier. Recently, Atomyze launched the first cryptocurrency backed by the world’s most precious metal – Palladium.

Potanin is also commonly known as King Nickel and is known to have ties to President Vladimir Putin. Notably, he was also one of the tycoons invited to the Kremlin at the time of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It is known at the time that Sharp did not hold the position of President of the BBC.

A spokesman for Sharp’s investment trust commented on the matter, saying that the BBC’s Chairman had a “longstanding interest in a range of emerging technologies” and stressed that, at the time, no sanctions against Potanin.

In addition, Sharp has followed a fiduciary agreement for a third party to manage these investments to completely avoid any possible conflicts of interest.

This “trust” agreement continued after Sharp became chairman of the BBC. The third party has professionally managed the interests of ABCP GP Ltd. and Atomyze Switzerland, but “unfortunately” happened to Sharp. By fiduciary agreement, Sharp has absolutely no financial interest or right of directors in any business owned and controlled by Mr. Potanin.

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