BBTV launches crypto payment solution for media monetization

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2022-01-13 17:09:06

Media monetization company BBTV recently launched a solution that allows creators to get paid in crypto.

Content creators on BroadbandTV Corporation (BBTV) will soon be able to be paid in crypto.

BBTV recently announced Pay to Crypto, a payment solution that allows creators to get paid in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and USD Stablecoins (USDC). With the newly launched solution, creators just need to select a crypto asset and provide a compatible wallet address and BBTV will send their earnings directly.

For some creators, being paid directly in crypto is a welcome perk. In the announcement, content creator Joseph Hogue expressed his delight, saying, “Being paid directly in crypto saves me time and with a minimal fee compared to multiple transfers. from my bank to different wallets.”

According to BBTV president and CEO, Shahrzad Rafati, the move to integrate crypto payments is a response to creator interest. “Creators have really voiced their interest in joining the Web3 revolution, and we are proud to be at the forefront,” said Rafati.

The company works with content creators of all sizes by discovering and monetizing fan-uploaded videos on platforms like YouTube. The company currently serves individuals as well as larger companies such as the NBA, Viacom and Sony Pictures.

The crypto payment solution is implemented with the help of the crypto trading platform Netcoins, a subsidiary of BIGG Digital Assets Inc. BIGG CEO Mark Binns also gave his two cents, “converting their payments from USD to other currencies will change the story of what their payments can do .”

This is not the first time the company has entered the crypto space. Back in 2021, BBTV also participated in a seed round for the social network-unavailable token platform Nifty’s Inc.

Meanwhile, the recent adoption of crypto payments is not limited to publicly traded companies like BBTV. A recent Visa survey shows that SMEs will also accept digital assets by 2022. Additionally, governments like Iran are also set to implement permission mechanisms. businesses complete payments with cryptocurrencies.


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