Be careful when receiving Messenger messages containing fake links to VinMart and Co.oopmart supermarkets

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2021-07-22 04:37:10

During the period when the epidemic has not been completely controlled, the authorities always advise people to limit leaving the house. Instead of buying and selling directly at traditional markets and supermarkets, people should buy online to limit exposure. Taking advantage of the increasing demand for online shopping of people, the links contain virus fake big supermarket like Co.oopmart, VinMart continuously sent over Messenger.

Recently, Ms. Hoang Linh from Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City received the link “Vinmart 30th Anniversary” from a close friend. Out of curiosity, Linh clicked to check it out, and this link led to an interface similar to VinMart’s shopping website. Below is a line announcing that customers will receive a gift card worth 5 million VND through the questionnaire. However, three-quarters of the questions asked users to provide personal information such as gender and age. There is only one sentence related to supermarket chains.

It seemed that just answering the above 4 questions would have had the opportunity to receive gifts, but Linh received a message that she had to share the link to 5 groups of friends or 20 people, then enter the address to receive.

The message contained a fake link to a large supermarket sent via Messenger.

At this point, Linh suspects fraud. Although not performing the next steps, the system still automatically sends a message containing that link to many friends.

According to cybersecurity experts, these links often contain viruses. Just click on the link, the system will automatically send a message to the friends in the list. If you fill in more personal information, users may have information collected or have their accounts stolen. Therefore users should be extremely vigilant.

Before these fake information, VinMart and VinMart+ had to send warnings to users. This system said “this is a virus link containing malicious code, which can steal personal information. The information displayed in the link is incorrect about both the program and the brand information. To ensure the safety of personal information, users should delete messages and links with similar content.

On the user side, do not click on strange links. If it is not a familiar domain name of big brands, it should be cautious. In case of accidentally clicking on a strange link, users should not provide personal information, exit that link and change the account password. If you have provided bank information, you must contact the bank for support. Users should also notify friends so that friends do not continue to spam links.

Reference: VNE


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