Beat the rhythm of football with attractive promotions when buying Sony Bravia TVs

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2022-11-21 21:17:51

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With the program “Fantastic Football – Harmony with Qatar”, customers who buy Sony’s BRAVIA 2022 TVs from X80K and above will receive a direct discount on the selling price of up to 21 million VND. Prominent is the MiniLED X95K series with a discount of VND 21 million for the 85-inch version and VND 20 million for the 75-inch version; lines 65A80K, 85X95K, 65X95K, 85X90K, 75X90K, 65X90K, 85X85K, 65X85K, etc. have a reduction of 6 – 13 million VND depending on the product and a reduction of up to 5 million VND for products such as 55A80K, 55X85K, 75X80K , 65X80K, 55X80K, 65X75K, 55X75K… Specifically, football fans can own a 55-inch Sony Bravia TV priced from only VND 13,900,000, a 65-inch Bravia TV from only VND 16,900,000, a 75-inch Bravia TV price from 29.9 million VND, especially the 55-inch Bravia OLED line and above, priced from 35,900,000 VND.

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In addition, customers who buy BRAVIA 2022 TVs will also receive an additional year of warranty, bringing the total product warranty period to 3 years, and a 12-month package of entertainment applications such as FPT Play, K+, VieON. For customers who want to experience stadium-like surround sound, Sony offers discounts of up to 30% on many soundbar products when purchased with the TV, such as HT-G700, HT-S500RF, HT-X8500 … And when watching alone, especially late at night, the wireless neck speaker SRS-NS7 will be an attractive choice to enjoy the atmosphere from the stands without disturbing the audience. around.

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Choosing BRAVIA TV to watch football, attractive promotions are just one of the reasons. Because the most important reason is the great experience that BRAVIA TV brings to football fans. To achieve this experience, BRAVIA TVs possess the XR Perception Processor for a harmonious and realistic picture, keeping the color gamuts natural but still focusing on highlighting the subject. This makes the experience of watching football as vivid and realistic as watching it with your own eyes.

Next, it is impossible to ignore the smooth motion processing technology with XR Motion technology that helps the players’ passes, shots, acceleration phases or ball disputes all display smoothly and clearly. completely eliminate frame stutter or background ghosting of fast-moving subjects.

Not stopping there, the Sports sound mode with the powerful support of XR Sound and XR 4K Upscaling technology automatically upscales all content to 4K, which will help elevate the football viewing experience. in terms of both image and sound, giving viewers a feeling of excitement and blood, blurring the distance from the living room to the stadium. In addition, the contents of football are displayed on large screens with a variety of options from 85 – 77 – 75 – 65 – 55 inches, which will bring great matches, especially when watching together. with friends.

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Especially, with Smart TV operating system (Google TV), BRAVIA TV not only owns a rich application store, but is smart and user-friendly. The TV interface is personalized based on usage behavior, BRAVIA TVs from the X80K series and above also allow users to control the TV without a remote (Hands-free Voice Search). From turning on / off the TV, opening the application, increasing / decreasing the volume or searching for match results, match schedules, replay videos … are all done quickly and smoothly with just voice commands starting with Ok Google.

All are integrated in the BRAVIA TV, so that users can immerse themselves in the matches at the biggest football tournament on the planet that is coming very close.

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